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Dan Crenshaw Appears on SNL for Pete Davidson’s Apology: A Heartwarming Moment

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The US Republican elect Dan Crenshaw appeared on SNL for Pete Davidson’s apology. For those living under the rock, Davidson mocked his physical appearance and his war injury. After Crenshaw lost his eye in the 2012 deployment to Afghanistan, he has been wearing an eye patch. And Pete Davidson actually thought it was funny to refer to it as ‘not a hitman in a porno movie’. Although Davidson offered an apology right after his joke, his comedy crossed some major boundaries in that episode. But Crenshaw reacted maturely asking Davidson to now donate $1 million to war veterans.

Now, in the latest episode of SNL, Dan Crenshaw himself appeared on the sets for his due apology from Pete Davidson. The two decided to put this incident behind them, and that too on a lighter note since Crenshaw also had a surprise joke planned for Davidson. But if you notice, seems like Davidson should really upgrade his humor. First, Ariana Grande rejected his breakup joke, and now it was Crenshaw’s turn.

Pete Davidson Apologizes To Dan Crenshaw On Set

This week, Republican elect Congressman Dan Crenshaw appeared on stage in New York for Davidson to make his apology. Pete Davidson admitted that he made a poor choice of words last week. He then added that,

I made a joke about Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw, and on behalf of the show and myself, I apologize.

Davidson continued saying that he was sorry from the bottom of his heart. And that the man was a war hero who deserves all respect. But he added that maybe the only good that came out of it was that the left and right both came together to agree that his joke was offensive.

After accepting this apology, Dan Crenshaw made his own little joke. Apparently he got a call on his cell phone and his ring tone was one of Ariana Grande’s song. Although Davidson look fairly surprised, he laughed in response. After this, Crenshaw took a few hits at Davidson who accepted them all lightly.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, the episode of SNL fell on Veterans Day Weekend. And Crenshaw told viewers to respect war veterans by never forgetting them.

Recently, amidst concerns over Pete Davidson committing suicide after he posted an alarming suicidal message on Instagram, Crenshaw reached out to him and the two had a good conversation.

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