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The Matrix: Resurrections trailer is arriving tomorrow, But you can catch a Glimpse Before that!

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After almost two decades, The Matrix is finally returning to the big screen! With each passing day, we’re getting closer to the release date of 22nd December 2021 for the fourth installment of the franchise, named The Matrix: Resurrections. And now, we’re about to get the first official trailer of The Matrix: Resurrections, tomorrow. However, if you’re too excited just like us, you can catch a glimpse of the movie before the official trailer arrives. You’ll just have to choose between the red pill or blue bill.

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When will we see The Matrix 4 first official trailer?

A few lucky fans got the first glimpse of the trailer at CinemaCon in August. And since then, fans are too eager to wait anymore. Luckily for them, Warner Bros. will release the official trailer of The Matrix: Resurrections on Thursday, September 9 at 6 am PT/9 am EST. But even 24 hours sounds a lot to see the trailer, you can catch a glimpse on their official website.

But, you can see Neo and The Matrix on a special dedicated interactive website before the trailer arrives

All you have to do is go to whatisthematrix.com, choose either the red pill or the blue pill, and the website will give you footage from the movie, depending on your choice and the time on which you visit the website. The website has different variations of different footage from the trailer. According to EW, there are around 180,000 different variations. But, the one you’ll get depends on what your choice is. Therefore, just as the original 1999 Matrix, the choice is yours.

The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer Is Arriving Tomorrow, But You Can Catch A Glimpse Before That!

However, just to make you happy, we got a screengrab of Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix: Resurrections to motivate you into going to whatisthematrix.com:

The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer Is Arriving Tomorrow, But You Can Catch A Glimpse Before That!
Warner Bros. ©

What can we expect to see in the trailer?

Even though we haven’t seen the footage ourselves, we do know what those who saw the trailer at CinemaCon have to say. What is clear is that both Neo and Trinity (played by Carrie Anne Moss) have forgotten all the events of the original trilogy. That’s evident by the fact that Neo addresses himself with his name from the simulation, Thomas Anderson. He’s talking to his therapist, played by Neil Patrick Harris, saying his “dreams that weren’t just dreams”. And he’s taking prescribed blue pills (the fan service is incredible) and suddenly he runs into Trinity at a restaurant. However, they have no recollection of each other.

And then, Neo runs into Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s character, who seems like a younger version of Morpheus. He gives Neo the red pill, and his journey restarts in Matrix 4, going through similar events. Deja vu right? Moreover, Neo seems beefed up in this movie too as this time he even has the strength to redirect full-blown missiles. If you thought stopping bullets mid-air was insane, this is just ridiculous.

That said, there will be some important characters missing in The Matrix: Resurrections. For instance, Laurence Fishburn wouldn’t be starring as Morpheus. The actor told Collider:

I am not in the next Matrix movie and you’d have to ask Lana Wachowski why, ’cause I don’t have an answer for that.

However, the Matrix is full of surprises. Therefore, one can never be sure. Apart from Fishburn, Lilly Wachowski will not co-direct The Matrix: Resurrections either due to personal reasons.

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