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Catherine McBroom addresses Austin cheating allegations made by Tana Mongeau & Trisha Paytas

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Despite them claiming to be a happy couple, Catherine McBroom and Austin McBroom are surrounded by cheating rumors. First, it was Tana Mongeau and now Trisha Paytas has also accused The ACE Family founder. Although there have been multiple times when women accused him, Catherine seems to be in denial. Recently, she flat out refused to comment and denied knowing Mongeau or Paytas.

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From multiple lawsuits to cheating allegations, nothing is going right for McBrooms.

Earlier this year, Austin McBroom organized a boxing event, Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms. At the time, he hoped to gather a profit of $200 to $500 million. However, the event ended up being a disappointment for all investors. From TikTokers to media companies, everyone has filed lawsuits against McBroom which is more than $100 million. Among these are Tayler Holder, Nate Wyatt, media company, LiveXLive, and Bryce Hall. According to them, they want the money they were promised. Similarly, his wife, Catherine McBroom, is also facing a lawsuit. The civil complaint states that she tried to attempt a coup of a company that she launched with another business. At the same time, the complaint demands a jury trial and compensation of damages. The ACE Family is also facing cheating allegations which are causing them to fall out entirely.

Tana Mongeau and Trisha Paytas are not holding back in accusing Austin McBroom of cheating

In June, YouTuber Tana Mongeau came forward with serious allegations against Austin. According to her, he cheated on Catherine McBroom more than once. In a tweet, she started a story where Catherine found lipstick in Austin’s car. When Mongeau was asked about it, she lied and claimed it was hers, to save the children. However, she did not know where that lipstick came from.

Recently, Trisha Paytas has also accused him of betraying his wife. In the latest episode of Enemies, Paytas said:

My thought is this, he’s clearly cheating. If there’s fifteen stories that are very similar that have some sort of receipts, chances are, you know, it walks like a duck, talks like a duck. It’s a duck. So it’s clear that he’s cheating, right? There’s some messing around or something. Maybe, who knows, maybe they have an open relationship. Maybe she doesn’t care for the business, I don’t know.

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In response to these allegations, Catherine McBroom had a fitting answer

A few days back, Catherine McBroom was out and about when a reporter caught her. When he asked what she has to say about Mongeau and Paytas’ cheating allegations, she replied:

I’m sorry, I don’t know who those people are. Have a good day.

This indicated to a direct shade towards Mongeau and Paytas. Or maybe, she just wanted to avoid the question altogether. In the past, Catherine McBroom responded to such accusations in hidden words and said:

Every time there’s a big milestone, or a big event or something, or a lot of attention directed towards us, a lot of people start directing the attention to themselves. I think that is 100 percent stressful because it gives me anxiety, and what can I say? It makes me nervous. I stay off my phone, and I stay off social media.

Whether she knows about it or not, Catherine McBroom surely is in no mood to address this issue. Maybe she is planning her escape quietly, only time will tell.

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