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Tana Mongeau & Chris Miles Break Up For the Billionth time & Fans aren’t taking them seriously anymore

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Guys, you should all just take a deep breath and calm your nerves because your favorite podcast host Tana Mongeau is single once again. We don’t even know if this news is true or not. And before we go into further details, I would like to give you all a little insight into Tana’s past relationships. So Tana’s first official relationship was with a guy named ‘Somer Hollings’. They dated from 2015-2017 and parted ways because Tana couldn’t resist giving a lap dance to a guy named Kian. According to some reports, Tana and Kian unofficially dated for a couple of weeks. Then Tana spilled some romance showmance news with Lil Xan. After that, she had short-term flings with Brad Sousa and Bella Thorne. She also dated Jake Paul from April 2019-January 2020.

Tana also shared some chemistry with Noah Cyrus while she was in a relationship with Jake. But he didn’t have any issue with it. After breaking up with Jake, Tana was spotted getting cozy with Mod Sun last year in April. And the reason for their breakup was because Mod did not want Tana to make an OnlyF*ns account. Then Tana was seen hanging out with Francesca Farago in July 2020. After which she took a long break from dating and then she started seeing a rapper named Chris Miles this year in July.

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Tana Mongeau breakups with boyfriend Chris Miles every other day

So we all were really happy for Tana Mongeau when she announced her relationship with rapper Chris Miles on her Twitter account. Tana posted a Tweet on the 8th of September and said, “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND”.


Then a couple of weeks after the grand revelation, Tana posted a Tweet in which she said ‘I am single’. And fans were devastated to hear this news. As the past two years were really tough for Tana. She was having a really hard time forgetting Jake. Then her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. Fans were super happy to see Chris with Tana, as he treats her likes a queen. And also spoils her with expensive gifts.

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But then Tana posted a story on her Instagram in which she was getting all cuddly with Chris. That means the whole break up thing was a mere joke.

Now once again Tana just broke up with her boyfriend Chris Miles. Tana posted a Tweet in which she said, “Single“. And Chris also shared the news on his Instagram. But we really don’t know if the couple has actually called it quits or not.


Because in one of Tana Mongeau’s recent podcast episodes, her best friend Hunter, who also co-hosts the podcast, spilled some beans on this situation. He said that whenever Chris would go run an errand or do something work related, Tana would ask him to come back immediately and would be upset when he wouldn’t come back on the spot. She would threaten to break up with Chris, jokingly of course. So, Hunter added that the “break-ups” that Tana posted about on social media were often just her trolling around and not being serious.

So, I think we will just have to wait until Tana is back from Texas. Because that’s the only way we can figure out if she has actually broken up with Chris or not.

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