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What Bryce Hall wants to do next for his boxing career

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It’s been three months since Bryce Hall lost a boxing match against Austin McBroom. In an epic battle of TikTokers vs YouTubers, the latter remained undefeated. Despite the defeat, Hall has not given up on a boxing career. During a recent episode of BFFs podcast, he discussed the future of his career in boxing.

In June, Hall and Austin McBroom came face to face to settle their differences in a boxing ring

What Bryce Hall Wants To Do Next For His Boxing Career
Social Gloves

It was the first boxing match for Bryce Hall and McBroom. Dubbed as Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms, the YouTuber had an upper hand from the beginning. Within three rounds, he made Hall bleed. While McBroom threw 29 punches, Bryce Hall could only manage 10. However, he claims that the referee ended the fight earlier than it should have. According to him, the ref did not like him for some reason and the fight could have continued. Prior to the fight, Hall and McBroom engaged in an all-out brawl. Both opponents threw hands and exchanged insults. Eventually, the security had to intervene and end the brawl.

However, after the match, McBroom praised his opponent and said:

A lot of people want to keep having me talk sh*t about Bryce Hall, but I’m only going to lift him up like everybody else should. This man Bryce Hall is a strong a** motherf**ker, and I’ve got to show him love. There’s not too many f**king people in this world that would get in the ring and do what he did. Shoutout to you, bro.

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In an recent interview, Bryce Hall expressed his desire to continue his boxing career

A few days back, Hall appeared on BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards. The conversations started with comments on Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s boxing match. However, it diverted towards Hall’s boxing career. While he did not get paid for his previous fight, Portnoy suggested that with the proper setup, Hall could make ‘s**t ton’ of money. According to Bryce Hall, McBroom is a way better fighter than him and the ref hated him. At this point, Richards and Portnoy praised Bryce Hall for being an amazing opponent. They thought he took the punches well but did not get disoriented even once. Hall said that if he gets the right opponent or has horrible beef with, he was down to fight again. At the same time, Hall wants a proper fee for the match, approximately around $2 million. When Richards suggested he should fight Blake Gray, he did not think there was that much beef.

In the end, it was decided that Portnoy will arrange an opponent for Bryce Hall and get him back in the boxing ring. Needless to say, we are excited about this fight already.

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