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Tyron Woodley wants rematch with Jake Paul after getting loser’s tattoo guidelines

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Last week, Tyron Woodley lost a fight against Jake Paul. When the boxing match was announced, Paul demanded that the loser will get a permanent tattoo of the winner’s name. Therefore, he immediately posted the tattoo guidelines for Woodley. However, he is not yet ready to get the tattoo and wants a rematch.

As expected, Tyron Woodley and Paul’s fight was riddled with controversy

Tyron Woodley Wants Rematch With Jake Paul After Getting Loser's Tattoo Guidelines

After Paul knocked out Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley challenged him to a boxing match. It was decided that the two will come face to face at the end of August. After two months of rigorous training, Jake Paul and Woodley met in the ring. Prior to the match, the Paul brothers had a brawl with Woodley and his team at the weigh-in event. When Jake Paul tried to reenact Mayweather’s ‘Gotcha hat’ moment with Woodley, his team came to his rescue. At the same time, Paul’s team also came on the stage. However, the security broke up the fight.

After Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley, people had a lot to say. Both opponents got $2 million each. However, people are not convinced that Woodley lost so easily. Many believe that the match was rigged. According to them, Woodley would throw punches at Paul but would not follow up and let him recover. Many people are dissecting the fight and showing evidence to prove the rigging.


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After Paul gave him tattoo guidelines, Tyron Woodley has decided that he wants a rematch

At the time of the match, Paul had put a condition that the loser will get a tattoo of the winner’s name. To which, Tyron Woodley agreed. After the match, Jake Paul shared guidelines for the tattoo and wrote:

Tyron’s tattoo guidelines: 3×2 inches at least. Can’t get it covered. Permanent. Must post on social media. Has to be visible with shorts and shirt on.

In response to this, Tyron Woodley replied:

Send the contract son. Daddy will put your name next to all my other kids

After the match, he also claimed in the press conference that they will most definitely have a rematch. As we all know, Jake Paul is always up for a challenge (and more money), so we might have a rematch in near future.

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