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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley total earnings revealed!

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After many days of anticipation and feuds, Jake Paul won the fight against Tyron Woodley. While many think the match was rigged, Paul is on cloud nine. Despite the loss, Woodley is also not in a bad spot. Both opponents collected a hefty amount of money for the match. Now it’s revealed how much money they both made from the fight.

For months, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley dominated the news

After conquering the world of YouTubers, the Paul brothers have turned to the boxing ring. While Jake Paul is undefeated with 4 wins, Logan has still to make his mark. Recently, Woodley and the younger Paul brother came face to face in the ring. Although many expected it to be an easy win for Woodley, Jake Paul turned out to be a difficult opponent. In the end, Paul was the winner and Woodley had to face defeat. In the past, Paul has expressed his desire to make boxing his permanent profession. However, he has only taken part in big-money events so far.

After his win, many sports personalities congratulated him

While many professional boxers have expressed their apprehension towards Jake Paul, others are happy for him. Lebron James took to Twitter to lend his support to Paul.

Meanwhile, Mixed Martial Artist, Daniel Cormier said:

Jake Paul showed he has toughness and won’t quit! Tyron wasn’t active enough, not a bad fight tho. It was activity! Paul was exhausted and when guys are that tired gotta show em the door. Whatever man. Dammit Tyron

Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist, Gilbert Burns Durinho said:

Jake can box no much but way better then we thought! T Wood make the money but he don’t want to fight anymore

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While the fight is over, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s match fee is revealed, which is a lot!

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley Total Earnings Revealed!

The result of the fight was made via split decision. While Jake Paul gloats at his win, Woodley feels humiliated. Since the match, Paul has updated his status as a retired boxer and then came back from retirement. All of this happened within hours on Twitter. Despite Woodley’s loss, he did not go home empty-handed. According to Ohio State Athletic Commission, both opponents got $2 million each.

Prior to the match, Jake Paul wrote in a social media post:

In 4 days I fight for more than what’s at the surface level. I fight for my family, my friends, my coaches, my city, my dog, for shadow, for history, a greater purpose, and for respect. Sunday August 29th the world will see what I’m made of.

Looks like he forgot to mention the hefty amount of money he was fighting for. Anyway, good for him.

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