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Floyd Mayweather believes Tyron Woodley should have won against Jake Paul

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Since Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s fight, the resentment the Paul brothers have for him isn’t over. Similarly, he has the same thoughts about them. Therefore, when Jake Paul won against Tyron Woodley, Mayweather had something to say. Apparently, he believes Woodley should have won.

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Earlier this year, the feud between Floyd Mayweather and Paul brothers began

When Logan Paul decided to fight the undefeated boxer in an exhibition bout, the world anticipated an interesting match. However, the match was not scored and no clear winner was announced. But it started the feud between the Paul brothers and Floyd Mayweather. At the pre-fight press conference, Jake Paul took Mayweather’s hat and provoked him. This made him angry and security had to intervene. However, Logan Paul was not happy about his brother’s shenanigans. Later, he said:

I told him not to do it. He told me he was going to do it and I thought he was f around. I said please don’t. I have it on video, I have receipts.

Similarly, Jake Paul dismissed Floyd Mayweather and said that he is a washed-up boxer who needs to fight Logan Paul. In an interview, he said:

He has to. That’s why he is fighting my brother. Who else is Floyd going to fight that will sell millions of pay-per-views? He needs us more than we need him…

A few days back, Logan Paul again commented on his fight with Mayweather. Prior to his brother’s fight, Paul talked to Showtime’s pay-per-view broadcast. He said that he retired Floyd Mayweather. Furthermore, Paul said:

The dude’s on my highlight reel. I busted his eardrum.

Recently, Mayweather showed his support for Tyron Woodley after he lost the match against Paul

Floyd Mayweather Believes Tyron Woodley Should Have Won Against Jake Paul

For months, Jake Paul dominated social media, promoting his fight with Tyron Woodley. Finally, they both came face to face on Sunday where Paul won via split decision. Due to Woodley’s amazing performance, people speculate that the match was rigged. Floyd Mayweather also believes that Woodley should have won. After the match, Tyron Woodley sat down with Ariel Helwani of the MMA Hour Podcast. During the interview, Woodley said that Floyd Mayweather thinks he should have been declared the winner. Woodley said:

Floyd said I did some things really well that I should have done more of, he did say, just a little bit more output, he did think that I won the fight… he said I told you that he was going to be kinda scared of you, you been in there before.

At the same time, Mayweather thought Woodley should have thrown more punches. This would have knocked Jake Paul out.

After the fight, Jake Paul has hinted that he has retired from boxing. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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