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I was today years old when I found out from Chloe Veitch that guys have a g-spot in their b*m on Harry Jowsey’s Tap In Podcast

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Uhh well!! Harry Jowsey’s latest podcast with Chloe Veitch is totally mind-boggling. Like I can’t even wrap my head around the bum exploding se*ual encounters Chloe had come across. They were shocking and a little more than hilarious, too. Before we dig in into the craziness of some wild as hell s*x stories. I would like to give you all an insight into Harry Jowsey and Chloe Veitch’s friendship. So these two met on the set of Netflix’s reality show “Too Hot To Handle” season 1. Though Harry showed interest in Francesca, and he even dated her for a while. But Chloe kind of had a crush on Harry during the show. If I was in her place, I would have been crushing on Harry too.

Though unlike some other contestants on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, Chloe didn’t date anyone from the show. But she recently appeared in another reality show on Netflix, ‘The Circle“. And kind of dated Mitchell Eason after the show was over. But their relationship was short-lived. As Mitchell was living in the U.S. and Chloe was living in England. And long-distance relationships take a lot of patience, effort, and trust to work out. Chloe recently flew to the states for some work stuff and met Mitchell and his mom. But they both called it quits as they are still very young and trying to focus more on their career.

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Chloe Veitch talks about Netflix and her relationship with Mitchell Eason with Harry Jowsey

So guys, Chloe recently visited the States for some work stuff linked with Netflix. And as far as we know, she hosted a talent hunt show for Netflix’s upcoming reality/other tv shows.

Harry really had to call her on the Tap In podcast because these two didn’t get the chance to see each other after the THTH‘s shoot ended. Chloe spilled the beans on what she was doing in L.A. She shared that she is doing hosting for Netflix’s upcoming shows. Umm!! She also shared tiny bits about her short-term relationship with Mitchell. I have to say that they both looked amazing together. But it’s good to know that they ended things on a happy note and are still friends with each other.

And btw, Chloe and Mitchell ended things a couple of days after she recorded the podcast episode with Harry.

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Chloe Veitch shares some wild as hell s*x stories with Harry Jowsey on Tap In podcast

Guys, we all know that Harry is a total charmer. And he puts this weird spell on his guests, and voila, they start spilling some real funny stories about their s*x lives. And the same thing happened with Chloe. But she also matches Harry’s wild energy. So it’s safe to say that these two are perfect friends. Because friends who share their wild s*x experiences together, stay together. Chloe also shared with Harry the crack shaving story.

“I didn’t realize that you get some hairs on your crack. Because they’re like really subtle hairs I always feel when I am in the bath. I pull it apart and then I shave it a little bit right. I get in these weird twisted up positions. And I am just like I need to get it all.”

Yes, guys, it’s safe to say that there is no such thing as “Too Much Information” when friends sit together to record a crazy podcast. Harry also shared with Chloe that he cleans his rear end too.

“That’s a bit hard. I squat in the shower. You have to (shave) because you don’t know when you’re going to get your a*s eaten. I had a big night and this girl came home. And she is like “put a leg up”. And she had gone for it. So you always have to be prepared.”

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Chloe shares how she licked a guy’s b*m

Oh well, after Harry shared how a girl went for his a*s, Chloe had to share a similar story too.

“So there was this little guy. He was such a lovely guy, we went to this hotel room together. And he kept on saying to me, Chloe, I wanna experiment. And I am thinking why am I not fun enough. Yeah, I am a little bit wild. Like I remember l*cking the ring of my ex and he loved it.”

And you’re literally going to roll on the floor after reading the next part of the story.

“I said to him, okay, you wanna experiment. He went ‘yeah’ and I said okay lay down face away from me. He got on his all fours and arched his back. I went in for the kill and he didn’t like it.”

Oh my dayumn !! I don’t even know how to react to this. The dude shouldn’t have gotten on all fours. I mean what was he even expecting from Chloe. She was obviously going to think that he wants her to lick his bu*th-le.

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Here comes another hilarious story related to IBS from Chloe

Alright, so I can totally get where Chloe is coming from. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome for the past seven years and things get really awkward at times. And the supermodel shares a very awkward yet hilarious se*ual encounter story with Harry.

“So I was with this guy for months and we were having like really rough s*x. And you know when you have really rough s*x, the air just gets pushed in and out. And it is just w*t and you hear this squ*lching. Umm, well that happened and then he said six-nine. And I was like yeah, jumped straight to his face.”

We really have to give Chloe ten bonus points for her crazy storytelling skills.

“And I have got Irritable Bowel Syndrome. So I thought I really don’t hope I shit on his face. I said I need to get off because I could feel it like, I could feel it brewing. And where I was arching on his face, I thought no, it’s gonna fall out.”

Chloe further added that she ate something before doing the crazy s*x. So she thought, if she farted, it’s definitely going to smell.

“So I said wait, wait but he grabbed my hips and like dug his face in. And I farted. It just come out Harry. It was a little toot.”

Well!! Guys, the guy didn’t stop and he kept on doing it until Chloe o*ga*med. Guess we all need that kind of partner in our lives who won’t get bothered by farts.

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Harry Jowsey and Chloe Veitch talks about backdoor knocking

Chloe also shared that she went away for a day and a half during the Too Hot To Handle show recording. Because she was badly constipated and had morphine drips stuck in her arms because of the pain. And the doctors had to give her an enema. After that Harry shared a story that was totally irrelevant but funny.

“I have never had anything up my ass. Not yet anyway, I think. Actually no, one time I did try, I was in the shower at the university. I am like I want to see what the hype is about.

I was just more confused like I don’t know if I will like this or not. Because many G-sp*ts are there.”

Then Chloe agrees with Harry and says g-sp*ts are definitely located in the guys’ re*tum. Then Harry asks Chloe if she has ever fingered any guys to give them pleasure. And Chloe replies to him with an absolutely straight face “yes, three”. And no, she doesn’t stop here. She also explains how you’re supposed to insert the finger in there and…. *my brain cells literally went numb after this*

“You put it up there. You slowly put it in, it’s the sensation of it. And then you just like (do the) hook (motion).”

Then Chloe continues saying:

“We have literally gone from career speaking to Chloe what you’re doing in your life. To sustaining from s*x to I fingered a lot of bums in my time.”

Uhh!! Well. Someone said it finally. You guys should have realized it earlier but we are really glad that you called out Harry for making you spill too much tea. Anyways, I don’t know about you guys but I loved the podcast. Let us know in the comments down below if you guys have watched it or not.

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