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He’s All That movie review: A Movie for Influencers

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I did it! I watched Addison Rae‘s He’s All That the day it released on Netflix. Although I’ve seen far worse and cringeworthy films (365 Days, anyone?) than this one, it was a task and a half. From the plot to Rae and Buchanan’s on-screen chemistry to their acting skills, we will talk about it all.

After 22 years, She’s All That got a remake, which some believe was not needed

While most of the story is the same, He’s All That is a gender-swapped remake of the most beloved film of the 90s. However, that is not the most surprising part of the film. The surprise came in the shape of Addison Rae, who plays the lead in the film. Since she began her TikTok journey, getting this film was her biggest achievement. At the same time, she made her Hollywood debut with Netflix. Apart from her, He’s All That cast includes Tanner Buchanan, Matthew Lillard, Rachael Leigh Cook, Madison Pettis, and one and only, Kourtney Kardashian.

In true terms, He’s All That is for the followers of social media influencers

The story revolves around Padgett Sawyer, an Instagram influencer and the popular girl, who fakes a luxurious lifestyle. Despite claiming loyalty and sincerity to her best friends, she lies about her social status. When Padgett has her heartbroken on live stream, she decides to undertake a project. She will transform a nerdy guy into a handsome hunk. For this purpose, she chooses Cameron Kweller played by Tanner Buchanan. And thus begins the real story of finding love, betrayal, and winning bets.

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Let’s come to the real question: did He’s All That manage to make its mark in the sea of films?

The answer to that question depends on how you see it. If you see it as a new era for social media influencers to represent on all fronts, then yes it did. However, in terms of acting skills, it’s a no. From the beginning, it was clear that Rae and Padgett were one and the same. There was no distinction between the character and the actor. When it came to the scene where she played the Instagram influencer with millions of followers, Rae would come alive. She would truly be in her element.

But for the scenes where she was required to show emotions, her lack of acting experience would be very prominent. Throughout the film, Addison Rae spoke in a flat and monotone voice. At the same time, her facial expressions were frozen. The only time her face moved was when she smiled her signature smile. Similarly, her reactions and responses would either come late or too soon.


On the other hand, Tanner Buchanan is supposedly an experienced actor than Rae. However, his performance in He’s All That was also lackluster. Prior to Cameron Kweller’s transformation, it seemed that Buchanan was not at all interested. Whether it was his character’s personality or the actor’s personal experience reflected, I can’t say for sure. However, it seemed that he would rather be someplace else than be in the film. After the transformation, Buchanan came alive but for a short period of time. However, his acting in comparison to Rae was award-worthy.

Similarly, the supporting cast and their performances were forgettable. Even the original cast members, Matthew Lillard and Rachael Leigh Cook could not grab attention. However, the most shocking appearance was by Bryce Hall. Although he had no dialogues and was on screen for hardly a minute, it made people look again.


Another interesting appearance was by Kourtney Kardashian. Although her cameo was not a surprise, people were curious to see what her film debut would be like. Sadly, it brought nothing to the plot. Like her best friend, Rae, she was also just herself on screen. Same old monotone Kourt we have seen for years on KUWTK.

Prior to He’s All That release, there was much news about the steamy kissing scenes and electric chemistry between Rae and Buchanan. Throughout the film, I kept waiting for them for fireworks and sparks to fly. Sadly, it never happened. Their chemistry and romantic scene were forced and lacked emotion.

Personally, there was just one moment in the entire film which made me pause and think. In the beginning, Padgett and her mom are having a conversation about house bills. That’s when her mom talks to Padgett about how she cleared the plumber’s dues. It really got me thinking that there might be many influencers and social media stars who are actually supporting their families. Despite the backlash they receive, it might just not be just fun and games.

In true terms, this film is a light watch on a slow, gloomy day. It would be a great distraction from your daily busy life. I will give He’s All That 2.5 stars.

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