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Guests on Joe Rogan Podcast not benefitting much from Spotify exclusivity, reveal stats

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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is undoubtedly the biggest platform for podcasts in the world. In May of 2020, he made a deal with Spotify, giving them exclusive rights to host the podcast. That took the podcast away from all other platforms, making it a Spotify exclusive. And although Joe Rogan himself is quite happy with the deal, it looks like his guests are not benefitting from the Spotify exclusivity as much as he is, according to recent stats.

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Guests On Joe Rogan Podcast Not Benefitting Much From Spotify Exclusivity, Reveal Stats

For years, Joe Rogan’s audience enjoyed his podcast wherever they would like. Whether it was YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Google podcasts you were sure to find the JRE podcast on it. However, all that changed in May 2020 when the UFC commentator penned a mega-deal with Spotify to give the distribution rights exclusively to them. Now, the issue was that as big a platform as Spotify is, it isn’t as readily available to everyone as YouTube or other services are. And therefore, the guests who are lucky enough to appear on his podcast are the ones who seem to suffer a lot.

Although the format of the podcast is the same by all means, it looks like the clout around Joe Rogan is slowly waning. Recently, there was an in-depth statistical analysis done by The Verge which looked at how much popularity did his guests gained after appearing on the podcast. For analysis, the outlet looked at guests who had less than 500,000 followers on Twitter. They analyzed how many followers the guest would gain after appearing on the podcast.

Research shows guests on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast don’t gain the same number of followers as before

Before going exclusive, guests on Joe Rogan would gain anywhere between 4,000 to 18,000 new followers. Now, after the Spotify exclusivity, the average number of new followers gained dropped to around 2,000. Moreover, Joe Rogan’s own YouTube channel also took a hit. He would ordinarily get 250,000 subscribers every month before going exclusive on Spotify. But since then, he barely gets 100,000 subs per month. Now, that still is a staggeringly high number, but it does pale in comparison to 250K.

Guests On Joe Rogan Podcast Not Benefitting Much From Spotify Exclusivity, Reveal Stats
The Verge

And if that wasn’t enough, the amount of average Google searches Joe Rogan would get also took a nosedive.

Guests On Joe Rogan Podcast Not Benefitting Much From Spotify Exclusivity, Reveal Stats

These statistics indicate that going exclusive on Spotify is restricting the reach that the JRE has. Previously, being available on every platform allowed Joe Rogan to have a lot more influence and gain more popularity not just for himself, but his followers too. Now, however, it seems that the podcast is just losing its clout. Moreover, Spotify is still restricted in a lot of regions, with Spotify in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh not even having access to podcasts. Before, they could all listen to Joe Rogan and his lucrative guests on YouTube.

Now, we don’t know if Joe Rogan cares about his influence. After all, he’s getting an obscene amount of money from Spotify. But, maybe he can ask Spotify to make their platform more readily accessible across the world?

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