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Shane Dawson And Jake Paul Evacuate Following California Wildfires

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The three major wildfires in California have become a point of major source of concern for practically everyone from celebrity bigwigs to political authorities. The California wildfires have ignited the cities of Malibu, Paradise, Calabasas and Woolsey. Now, the menacing California wildfires are approaching Los Angeles. We talked about how the wildfires had forced the evacuation of more than 75000 people, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga, etc. Now after a few latest developments, we have learned that the Calabasas wildfires have also forced several YouTubers like Jake Paul, Shane Dawson, and members of the FaZe clan out if their respective abodes.

Evacuation Of YouTubers Shane Dawson And Jake Paul

Areas like Calabasas and the Hollywood Hills are the hot spots for several famous YouTubers. YouTube sensations have find Calabasas significant especially when it comes to setting up team houses. Both Clout Gang and FaZe Clan, the properties of the Rick “FaZe” Banks, are in the Hollywood Hills. Jeffree Star too lives in Calabasas near the Kardashians. Another important building in Calabasas is the Team 10 house of Jake Paul. Jake Paul had moved it to Calabasas last year.

As the celebrities fled the Calabasas fires, they tweeted safety notes on their Twitter profiles.

FaZe Teeqo said Evacuated.

‘The fire is inside the community. Literally just packed up essentials and a suitcase each and hopped in our cars. This is like a movie.’

Jake Paul announced on Twitter that he was leaving the Team 10 house and moving in with his brother Logan Paul. And he finally has.

Shane Dawson also announced on Twitter about him fleeing the California wildfires. He said,

‘me, ryland & the animals are safe. we moved yesterday and then evacuated right after. we’re sad but safe. i just hope everyone finds safety. thank u to the amazing fire fighters who are risking their lives right now. you guys are incredible and we love u’

Dawson then replied to Paul’s evacuation tweet with a ‘please be safe’.

California Wildfires Continue Their Wrath

As of November 9, three wildfires are blazing throughout the Sunshine State. They are destroying buildings and even taking out major parts of town Paradise, CA. A current count has listed five casualties due to the blaze. Many residents are now seeking shelter for themselves and their pets.

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