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Jake Paul claims someone from Tyron Woodley’s team was carrying a weapon during weigh-in

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A few hours from now, Jake Paul will be facing Tyron Woodley in the boxing ring. For months, the YouTuber turned boxer has been practicing, threatening, and feuding with Woodley. Yesterday, the two opponents came face to face for weigh-in before the match. During the weigh-in event, both spat venom at each other. However, Paul accused Woodley’s team to take it a step further and said that they carried a weapon.

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Prior to their match, Paul and Woodley came together for weigh-in

For months, Jake Paul has kept his fans updated about his fitness progress. After winning three matches back to back, he called out Tyron Woodley for a match. When Woodley agreed, Jake Paul started his training. After few hours, both opponents will come face to face to fight each other. Before the match, they met in Cleveland for an official weigh-in. While Paul weighed 190 pounds, Woodley recorded 189.5 pounds. Although the event was supposed to be a peaceful one, it ended up being a riot. Not only was there shoving and pushing, but Woodley also accused Paul’s team of talking trash to his mom. At the same time, he tried to beat up Paul’s team members. However, things got better when his team and family left the venue. This is the biggest fight for Jake Paul who has won all three previous matches. Similarly, it’s a big deal for Woodley as well because it will be his pro boxing debut.

In a face to face table talk, Jake Paul accused Woodley and his team for carrying a weapon on weigh-in event

Jake Paul Claims Someone From Tyron Woodley's Team Was Carrying A Weapon During Weigh-In

During the heated conversation, both opponents tried to get under each other’s skin. The entire time, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley hurled insults at each other. While Woodley called him a child multiple times, Paul suggested that Woodley tries to act like a gangster. At one point, Jake Paul accused Woodley to let his team carry guns. When Paul called him tough and gangster, Woodley said that he doesn’t have to be tough, he has people doing that for him. That is when Jake Paul said:

Do you have a gun? Your people didn’t do anything yesterday.

On the other hand, Tyron Woodley vows to hurt Jake Paul and really mess him up. Despite Paul’s past claims and threats, it was clear that he could not match up with Woodley in the interview. Only a few more hours before the big fight. May the best man win!

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