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Danielle Cohn & Mason Patterson are teaming up against Michael Weist?

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Michael Weist does not sound like a familiar name to many. However, they do remember the TanaCon Organizer. A few months back, Danielle Cohn and Michael Weist went official with their “work relationship”. Tana Mongeau was not happy with the situation. And it turns out she might have been right about one thing. The relationship did not last long and now Danielle is teaming up with her current beau Mason Patterson against Michael. Here is a timeline of how it all started.

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Danielle Cohn claimed Michael Weist was stealing from her

Danielle uploaded a video on YouTube on August 8, 2021 titled ADDRESSING THE HATE + FULL TRUTH! **LOST SO MUCH**. In the video, Danielle talked mostly about body positivity and how people think that her mother forces her to do things. She confirmed that her mother let’s her do her thing and she also does not take her money. Diving straight into the allegation, Danielle Cohn stated that it was, in fact, her manager who was taking her money.

You know who takes my money? This manager that I work with. That forged my name and is saying that he owns me now. Funny huh. Manager. A fri**ing Manager.

She also highlighted the backlash she received when her mother was managing her. Cohn stated that she tried changing her manager because people would not stop bashing her mother.

The one time I trust manager, look what the f*ck he does.

She further added that she never trusted managers because the family and blood relations are way better than some “random motherf*cker” that is just going to take her money. Danielle Cohn also confirmed that she always let her mother do the brand deals she trusts her. She also denied the allegations of her mother having access to her social media. At the end of the video, Danielle said that she has been facing personal issues after her breakup with Mikey Tua. Not having her best friend there is hard to get used to.

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Michael Weist responds to the “money stealing” allegations

Michael Weist filed for bankruptcy of Good Times Entertainment after TanaCon. The whole TanaCon experience was not good at all, for all the parties involved in it. There were disputes with the refunds as well. When Michael went public with the statement that he is working with Danielle Cohn, Tana could not stay silent.

Tana responded to Def Noodles tweet (which is deleted now).

Tana Mongeau 1

But that was ignored by Danielle Cohn back then. After her first expose video on Michael Weist, Michael decided to handle the things her way. He uploaded a video on YouTube sharing his truth about the allegations made. In “The Truth About My Client Danielle Cohn“, he confirmed that he always handled the situations legally through his attorney and stayed silent on the public platform. However, this time, he was going to make a video and share it with receipts as well.

Michael Weist confirmed that he paid for Danielle Cohn’s dinners at BOA Steakhouse, car rentals, party buses, etc. He also heavily discounted the music videos he produced for her. (and he claimed he had not been paid for till date). They also went to Disney World together and had multiple dinners together. However, Michael claims that he was always the one paying for everything. Allegedly on Jen’s request, Michael rented a Suburban to help Danielle move her packages to LA.

Michael also confirm that he knew Danielle Cohn from many years. However, they never worked together. This year, he invited her for a Yacht party in Miami, pictures of which are available on the official Instagram page of Juice Krate. She attended it with Mikey Tua. After that party, Mikey Tua invited him to their Florida house (that Danielle Cohn bought for Mikey) and they started working on a documentary titled Obsessed. However, he stopped filming the documentary when he came to know how Danielle Cohn and her mother were really living their life like.

It got really really dark and scary. And I felt uncomfortable.

Towards the end of the video, he also claimed that it was Jen who asked him to help them with the monetization of videos since they were not getting paid. However, he claims that the Cohns are now using the same issue against him and presenting it as stealing money.

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Living with the Cohns

Michael Weist stayed with Danielle Cohn and her mother at their LA house for some time, on their invitation. And he claims that he came to know about the “actual” situation when he was living there. Michael claims that Jennifer Archambault, Danielle’s mother, takes advantage of her and her money. Moreover, he claims that Jen would ask him about Danielle’s whereabouts while Dani would ask him not to tell her.

He also claims that Danielle told him that her real age is 16 (not 17?). Moreover, allegedly Jen would force Danielle to post her body pictures as those would get more views.

essentially p*mping out her daughter, and it made me feel uncomfortable.

Michael included a video shot from his phone, where Jen is talking about Danielle Cohn’s piercings and that she should get more. He also claimed that Jen would throw shade at Danielle’s abortion some times.

There were times in which she would say if you wouldn’t have aborted your daughter, you would be on 16 and pregnant.

He also included another clip of Jen shouting while being on a call with someone and discussing a lawsuit.

I was having fun in the beginning, it became very dark and very clear that Jen was abusing her daughter.

Michael Weist claims that it is the reason why Danielle Cohn asked him to take over the authority so that Jen would not have access to everything. And he was helping her out so that she had something to hold on to when she would turn 18. He also claims that Jen confirmed to him she has 30 Child Protection Services cases on her.

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The age issue, statutory rape and Mason Patterson’s involvement in it

In the same video, Michael Weist also discusses the age controversy that keeps revolving around Danielle Cohn. His attorney pulled out her birth certificate and they realized that she was 15, not 16 (as she told him) or 17 (as they claim on the internet). And that weirded him out since Danielle Cohn is in a relationship with Mason Patterson, who is 18 years old.

Since Michael Weist was managing both Danielle Cohn and Mason Patterson, therefore, he had to be careful about it. His attorney asked him to advise Mason not to be with Danielle. And there should not be romantic or s*xual relationship between them as it is statutory rape. As per him, Danielle lied about her age to Mason as well.

Michael Weist helped Mason out in other legal issues as well, precisely his arrest for carrying a butterfly knife before boarding for a flight. He claims that he was trying to help all the parties involved and keeping everything legal. However, he did not know that Danielle Cohn was already signed by another label until he got an email from them.

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Danielle Cohn’s sexuality

Michael Weist also claimed that Danielle Cohn is lying about her sexuality. Danielle came out as pansexual a while back. And Michael claims that Danielle has said in front of him that she would never date a girl. He also claims that Danielle said that she would never date Mason or anyone else if the other person is bisex*al.

which is offensive, to say the least.

After Danielle Cohn shared her video, Mason Patterson sent a termination letter to Michael Weist, without any grounds. And that blindsided him.

I could not be in between two parties where Mason is knowingly committing a crime by being with Danielle, who is a minor. And Danielle using my business relationship for her pure advantage and for her financial gain.

He also claims that Danielle Cohn is asking his other clients not to work with him.

The back and forth between Michael Weist and Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn recorded a response video right away after Michael Weist shared his side of the story. She confirmed that she did not plan the video and she was going to upload it right away, without editing it. (and she really did that). Danielle started off the video by claiming that Michael Weist cannot call her his client because he never was her manager. (However, if you refer to her previous video, she kept calling him her manager, a manager who stole from her, but still a manager.)

She ended things with Mikey Tua when she was on her way back from the Yacht party Michael Weist arranged. Michael later approached her to help her with the music career. And at that time, Danielle claims that she had an open contract with her label so she was available to work with Michael Weist.

Danielle Cohn claims that she ended up meeting a boy names Mason [Mason Patterson], and he got close to Michael Too. Here, the facts start to blur a lot since Danielle claims that Michael wanted to meet Mason. She also started countering all the receipts Michael was showing in his video. She also fired back at Michael Weist for commenting on her sexuality. In fact, she claimed that Michael Weist was forcing straight guys into relationship with him. (Specifically, his assistant who quit).

Danielle further claimed that Michael Weist was okay with her relationship with Mason Patterson as long as the assistant was working for him. However, after the assistant quit, he allegedly started developing feelings for Mason and did not want it to work between Danielle and Mason. She also claims that Michael tried his best to sabotage their relationship by feeding her lies and manipulating her. However, there is no receipt for all of that she claimed. Danielle Cohn also brought up all of Michael’s previous cases including Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau. And she said that all of these cases were a sign for her. However, she trusted him and she repents it now.

Danielle also included Mason Patterson in her video, as he was (is still?) living with her. Mason did not have much to say about the age factor in Michael Weist’s objection on “statutory rape”. He and Danielle just kept the focus on their sexuality and how Michael should not be commenting on it. However, he did claim that Michael Weist threatened him with statutory rape allegations even if he met Danielle. (and they claimed that nothing happened between them).

Michael Weist brings more receipts

After Danielle Cohn & Mason Patterson’s video on him, Michael came out with another video and more receipts. He claimed that Danielle already had her eyes on Mason and she sent a DM to Mason using Michael’s ID, inviting him to a dinner. Michael claims that she would plan dinners and force him to pay. He says that he did not even know who Mason was at that time, and Danielle used him to form a relationship with Mason. He also claimed that Danielle also made him invite Paparazzi at the dinner place to leave an impression on Mason. Later, she had him pay for the dinner that cost $1378.

He also shared the screenshots of email communication between him and Danielle’s other manager/label. Talking about her mother Jen, Michael alleges that a mother should not allow a “15-years-old” to post s*xually explicit pictures on social media, as it is child p*rnography.

He also claims that Danielle Cohn kept using him to become more appealing to Mason Patterson. Michael Weist also claims that his assistant quit working with him because he said that he could not witness a s*x crime taking place that Danielle was a party to. He also included a screenshot of his resignation letter, that did not include Danielle Cohn at all. However, the letter seemed to be written from a good point and did not show any negativity towards Michael.

Michael Weist further claims that Danielle Cohn kept forcing him to do things that would lead Mason to Danielle.

Michael Weist/YouTube

He further added that Mason will be facing a lawsuit from him soon as he failed to perform as per their contract. Michael says Mason breached the contract and also attempted defamation. He also posted a screenshot of text messages from Danielle’s half-brother Chad.

Michael Weist/YouTube

He also referred to the Bryce Hall case that was used as a tool against him by Danielle Cohn, confirming that Bryce settled the case out of court.

On Danielle Cohn’s claim of trashing her house, Michael claimed that it was already trashed. He also shared video clips of Danielle and her mother clean the dogs poop at multiple occasions.

The final response by Danielle Cohn?

Danielle Cohn shared her side of the story, with receipts, for the final time. However, these receipts prove bits of her story. She showed multiple text exchanges between them that prove that Michael Weist asked to kick her brother’s friend out so that he could move in with Mason. And added “jk” in the next sentence to make it seem like a joke.

After her final video, Michael Weist had not uploaded his response yet. At the end of her video, she did throw shade at him that Michael is an adult and he should be doing better things in his life instead of making videos about her.

While all the things seem to be true if taken at face value, there is yet another controversy when it comes to her age. Danielle Cohn had been denying that she had a relationship with Mason Patterson. But it turns out that she indeed has a romantic relationship with him. Mason was caught kissing her LIVE on Instagram while he did not know that Danielle had her LIVE on. He then kept asking the fans not to post the recorded clip anywhere. In fact, he kept saying “oh no what did I do” in the clip.

While Danielle Cohn blamed Michael Weist for always needing a guy in his life, some people are saying that same could be said about her too since she has started another relationship pretty soon. Some are leaving comments on his YouTube channel to share the video footage he recorded for the documentary.

Whether 17 or 15, Danielle Cohn is still a teenager. She should not be in a s*xual relationship with anyone aged 18+ since it’s not allowed in California. On the other hand, her age controversy might only end when she turns 18 and gets her legal documents.

At this point, both Michael Weist and Danielle Cohn are using the other party’s “fame for a certain thing”. It’s Michael’s troubling past and Danielle’s controversial age. If there are going to be lawsuits involved, then we might be seeing more videos on the internet soon.

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