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Jason Momoa slams Reporter for Asking ‘Icky’ Question About His Game of Thrones Character

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Even though Jason Momoa lasted for a short time on Game of Thrones, his impression on the viewers was everlasting. Fans adored the brutishly charming Khal Drogo and his on-screen chemistry with Emilia Clarke‘s Daenerys Targaryen. However, their on-screen romance did not have a perfect start. And recently a reporter decided to ask Momoa about that horrific scene, which the Aquaman actor did not like at all. To top it off, he made his discomfort known to the reporter.

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Jason Momoa Slams Reporter For Asking 'Icky' Question About His Game Of Thrones Character

In 2010, Jason Momoa was cast in Game of Thrones as the leader of the Dothraki people, Khal Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones. And with time, the audience saw Momoa’s natural charm overcome the brutish nature of his character. However, there was one brutal scene he shared with Emilia Clarke. Before Daenerys and Drogo really hit it off, there was quite a horrific scene that was not easy for most of the audience to watch. In it, Drogo sexually assaulted Daenerys on their wedding night, forcing himself onto her.

An awkward interview with the New York Times

And so, New York Times reporter David Marchese decided to bring that scene up in front of Jason Momoa. In an interview with the news outlet, Marchese asked Jason Momoa if he would “think differently about those scenes today”. To that, the actor responded:

Well, it was important to depict Drogo and his style. You’re playing someone that’s like Genghis Khan. It was a really, really, really hard thing to do. But my job was to play something like that, and it’s not a nice thing, and it’s what that character was. It’s not my job to go, ‘Would I not do it?’

Fans of the franchise criticized the scene a lot. Moreover, there was no such assault in George RR Martin’s original A Song of Ice and Fire series, as Drogo never forced himself onto Daenerys. The two characters were only ever involved consensually. Moreover, the studio also received a lot of criticism for their unnecessary explicit scenes and how the female actresses felt discomfort on the set.

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Jason Momoa let the reporter know he was disgusted by his question

That said, Jason Momoa did not let that question slide easily. For the rest of the interview, he gave the reporter cold responses to the questions he asked. Later in the interview, Momoa eventually returned to that question, letting his discomfort known. He said:

I wanted to bring something up that left a bad feeling in my stomach. When you brought up ‘Game of Thrones,’ you brought up stuff about what’s happening with my character and would I do it again. I was bummed when you asked me that. It just feels icky — putting it upon me to remove something. As if an actor even had the choice to do that. We’re not really allowed to do anything… So it’s a question that feels icky. I just wanted you to know that.

For now, Jason Momoa and the Times haven’t commented on the interview.

Ever since Game of Thrones ended, Jason Momoa struggled as he felt he was typecast after playing Khal Drogo. He had to face a lot of financial struggles as well, saying he also went into debt. However, after landing the iconic role of Aquaman in the DC Universe, his fortune turned for the good. He is now an extremely accomplished actor, who played Aquaman in Justice League as well as his standalone film. Furthermore, he’ll be reprising his role of Arthur Curry in the movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom as well.

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