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George Lopez Charged With Battery Charges for Hooters’ Riff with a Trump Supporter

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George Lopez is one of America’s most known and beloved comedians. He has starred in a lot of movies, hosted TV shows, and possesses impeccable comedic gifts no one can deny. But he is also a human being. The actor had a weak moment where he was provoked by someone and retaliate. That is what he tried to do with a man who had been bothering him all night with pro-Trump jokes and jibes. While it is hard to say who started it. George Lopez has been charged with battery.

George Charged with Battery

Lopez was in Las Cruce, New Mexico in October. He was shooting for his movie, ‘Walking with Herb’. The actor was out and about one night to eat at Hooters. A man reportedly kept teasing the 57 years old comedian. He threw jabs at George all night. He yelled pro-Trump jokes at him and yelling “MAGA”. Finally, he tried to film George while he picked tried to pick a fight. After investigation, police has charged him with battery charges. He will appear in a court to face these charges.

The Filming Fiasco

The man who had been teasing George started to record the reported incident on his phone. TMZ shared the video when it happened. The man, yet unidentified, starts recording as he is waiting at the door. He says,

“Here comes my boy, George.”

George is seen leaving the Hooters where all this took place. The comedian realizes that the man is filming him. He immediately tries to snatch the phone away. We can hear on the video that George is pissed at the man. The man then tries to pose with George while he shouts;

“He’s a badass. Look at him. He wants to fight me. George wants to fight me. George wants to fight me.”

At last, George gave the man his phone back. The man then joked that they will say “Make America Great Again” together while he filmed. George was in no mood to do that.

After that the filming stops.

Investigation leading to Battery Charge

TMZ reported that the no one called the cops when the incident happened. There were also no reported injuries. However, an investigation in the matter started. The police tracked down George to get his side of the story. He clarified that he had grabbed the man’s phone because he did not want to be filmed. He also told them that the man was trying to provoke him with political statements and MAGA yells. The investigation has concluded. George Lopez is charged with battery. He will have to appear in court.

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