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Rapper Ice Cube Aims at Trump With New Song

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The rapper Ice Cube just dropped out a song from his upcoming album Everythang’s Corrupt. In the new politically charged song titled ‘Arrest The President’, he takes constant hits at President Trump. Although he does not refer to him by name, the rapper could not be any less subtle. After 2010, this is going to be Ice Cube’s first solo album which has been in the works for too long now. Without explicitly mentioning Trump, Ice Cube touched on major administration scandals and controversial policies. In fact, he goes a step further to even mock his physical appearance. He teased the new track before the heated US midterms and asked people to get out and vote.

Ice Cube Releases Solo Single ‘Arrest the President’

In this new politically charged song, Ice Cube takes some serious hits at President Trump, Although he has not explicitly taken his name anywhere, it’s pretty much evident who he is targeting with the lyrics. One part of the song actually reads,

Let’s meet at the White House / Run in and turn the lights out / They treat it like a trap house / These motherfuckers never take the trash out.

Moving further, Ice Cube adds that Trump’s victory largely came from Russian intelligence. But it didn’t just end here, but he even mocked the president for his unique skin tone. For that, he sang,

Did you know the new white was orange? / Boy, you’re showing your horns.

On the track’s chorus, you can hear Ice Cube pleading to arrest the president because they got the evidence. Let’s just believe that he is making his plea to Robert Mueller.

The rapper previously teased this single of the heated US midterm day with a video that very much just targeted Trump. He told fans that cuffs were ready, and they should go out and vote.

This upcoming album scheduled for release on 7th December is Ice Cube’s first solo release since 2010’s I Am the West. 

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