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Kanye West legally changing his name to “Ye”

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Very few people can say that they’re the master of all trades. Among those select few is Kanye West, who claims to be a genius. From fashion designing to music, he knows he’s the best. Such is his belief in his talent and abilities that West thinks he does not even need a name. Therefore, he has decided to legally change it to just ‘Ye’.

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From supporting Trump to interrupting Taylor Swift, Kanye West knows how to be in news for all the wrong reasons

Kanye West Legally Changing His Name To "Ye"

There’s no denying that he is an incredible rapper and musician. However, Kanye West has a habit of creating uncomfortable situations for others and himself. At the same time, he is famous for his Twitter feuds. Who can forget him interrupting Swift’s acceptance speech on MTV’s Video Music Awards? Interestingly, West chose that time to remind the world that Beyoncé was more deserving of that award.

In 2016, Kanye West went on Saint Pablo Tour. However, he ranted about random things than performing music. During one of his rants, West hinted that he supported Donald Trump instead of Hilary Clinton. At the same time, he called out his best friend, Jay Z. While some assumed that it was just one of his rants, he shocked everyone when he actually met Trump. According to him, they talk about ‘multicultural issues’. This made the Black community really angry.

Similarly, Gold Digger singer is also known for his Twitter rants and feuds. From Ariana Grande to Wiz Khalifa and now Drake, Kanye West always finds a person to spew venom on. A year ago, when he was still married to Kim Kardashian, West went on a bizarre rant about his wife and in-laws. In the now-deleted tweets, he called Kardashian-Jenner clan white supremacists and accused Kris Jenner of trying to get him ‘locked up’. However, he later apologized for his behavior and asked for Kim’s forgiveness.

Recently, Kanye West declared that he will be changing his name to Ye

Soon, Kanye West will be releasing his new album, Donda. Ahead of the album release, he is once again very active on social media. When he is not feuding with Drake, West is making headlines for personal life updates. Recently, he announced that he will be legally changing his name to Ye. He has already petitioned for it and said that he will be changing it for ‘personal reason’. However, no other details have been shared. For him to legally change the name, a California judge will have to sign off and the name change will be published in newspapers as well.

Whether he changes his name or not, Kanye West will always be known for his antics. Truly, the name does not matter in his case.

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