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Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd just had a Back to the Future reunion!

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There are few movies that are as perfect as the original Back to the Future (1985). And if that wasn’t enough, Robert Zemeckis went ahead and made two near-perfect sequels to the film, wrapping up arguably the most perfect trilogy of all time in Hollywood. But, what really made the movie stand out was the cast and the amazing way with which they portrayed their characters. That includes Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Emmet Brown (Doc Brown) and Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. The love that fans have for these two characters is immense. And now, in 2021, there was a Back to the Future reunion as well, featuring these two lovely souls getting back together and reminiscing on the wonderful times they shared while filming the iconic trilogy.

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Michael J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd Just Had A Back To The Future Reunion!
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At the AwesomeCon in Washington DC, we saw Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox greeting fans with a Back to the Future reunion. And the reaction to that was simply heartwarming. Both the actors shared a picture of their reunion on their respective Instagram pages. And it showed just how their friendship has endured the test of time, just like Back to the Future did.

What makes Back to the Future so special?

The way Back to the Future dealt with time travel became the standard by which everyone thinks time travel works by default. In it, we see Doc Brown build a time machine after he discovered the Flux Capacitor, which makes time travel possible, in a DeLorean in the small town of Hill Valley. However, in doing so, things go wrong in such a way that Marty is thrown back to the year 1955. Then, we see Marty frantically trying to cope with life in the 50s by himself. He even gets to see younger versions of his parents, George McFly (Crispin Glover) and his mother (Lea Thompson).

However, Zemeckis then gave the fans two more films to form the perfect trilogy – Back to the Future II (1989) and Back to the Future III (1990). In part two, we famously see Doc Brown travel to 2015, a future filled with flying cars and hoverboards, which the real world failed to deliver, unfortunately. And in the third part, we see Marty and Doc travel to 1885! Trust me, if you haven’t watched this trilogy, you’re missing out on a LOT.

The struggle of Michael J. Fox

But, what really gets the fans emotional about this Back to the Future reunion is Michael J. Fox and his personal struggles. His acting career was cut short due to an early diagnose of Parkinson’s disease. However, he has put his influence and name to good use as he established the Michael J. Fox Foundation. He is striving hard since the 90s to advocate research and find a cure to the disease that plagued his life. The fans adore how far Fox has come in life, despite his struggles. And that makes them cry whenever they hear of a Back to the Future reunion.

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