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Ethan Klein has finally blocked Trisha Paytas on Twitter. here’s why!

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It looks like the longstanding feud between Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein may have finally come to an end. Or, at the very least, it has come to an end on Twitter. Ethan blocked Trisha on Twitter after the latter went on a long rant against their former Frenemies colleague. However, this was a feud that was months in the making.

Ethan Klein Has Finally Blocked Trisha Paytas On Twitter. Here's Why!

Longstanding Frenemies feud between Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas

A few months ago, both Ethan and Trisha were really making the big bucks with their highly successful Frenemies podcast. However, something was cooking behind the curtains, and it all came tumbling down on 8th June 2021, when they openly argued in the podcast over the financial compensation that Trisha was receiving from the podcast. Eventually, it turned into quite a direct fight with Ethan having to end the podcast early. In the feud, Trisha complained that Ethan was taking 5% extra than her, and complained that Ethan did not value their creative input. Moreover, they also had an issue with Ethan taking all the money from the highlights.

However, Ethan responded that he was taking the extra profit for production cost and the revenue from the highlights while handling the core business himself. As far as the creative input was concerned, Ethan said that Trisha was a hired talent working for H3 productions, and while he valued her creative input, he was not bound by it. Later, the feud leaked onto Twitter and got quite ugly, with numerous leaked screenshots and acrimony.

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Trisha joins Keemstar’s podcast, and goes on a Twitter rant

Recently, Trisha Paytas came into the news again as they joined Keemstar’s podcast. Now, you can pretty much call Keemstar Ethan Klein’s mortal enemy. The two do not get along at all and have quite a longstanding feud with each other. Moreover, Ethan has even criticized Keem for exploiting newcomers and sabotaged his brand endorsements. Meanwhile, Keem argues that YouTube shows favoritism to Ethan. Recently, Ethan even alleged that Keemstar reported his account for copyright infringement, resulting in a suspension of one week from uploading videos.

When Ethan Klein found out Trisha joined Keemstar, he simply said:

I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny; this just really makes me sad.

Later on, Ethan brought on his mother, Donna, on his podcast too. In it, she revealed the text messages that Trisha claimed traumatized her. In it, his mom said that she warned Moses to stop the fight. At the time, Ethan Klein’s wife Hila was pregnant and the feud stressed her out a lot. Even though he believed the text was harsh, he did believe the stress was too much. Donna also revealed the entire text to the viewers, which was:

If your sister has a miscarriage because of this stress, I will hold you and Trisha responsible. Stop this nonsense. ENOUGH!

In response, Trisha Paytas went on a huge rant on Twitter, sharing her thoughts completely. They said they’re going to address this one last time, and called it “bullying and harassment”. They blamed Ethan and his wife for their shortcomings with the suing and then defended herself for going on Keemstar’s podcast again. Lastly, Trisha asserted that if Ethan can get a chance to learn and grow, why can’t Keem?

Moreover, Trisha asserted that they did not say a bad word about Ethan’s wife and that their feud was strictly with him.

Lastly, Trisha Paytas called Ethan Klein and all the followers of the previous influencers she had beef with “cults”.

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Ethan Klein finally blocks Trisha Paytas

Instead of responding to Trisha’s polemic on Twitter, Ethan Klein made a simple response. Ethan Klein blocked Trisha Paytas on Twitter and valued the peace over the feud.

Furthermore, Ethan Klein also took a dig at Keemstar, calling him “snitchstar” and saying he’s emailing YouTube all weekend to have him suspended again.


Even though Ethan Klein blocked Trisha Paytas, it still feels like this feud is far from over.

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