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The Grinch Does Marketing Right!

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An animated version of 1966 classic, The Grinch brings to screens an iconic Dr. Seuss creation who is both cuddly and charming. With the global marketing campaign hitting just the right points, the movie is expected to bring almost $60 million in this weekend. The animated version starring Benedict Cumberbatch also stars Rashida Jones and Kenan Thompson. Numerous billboards, posters and advertisements have been designed in accordance with the nature of the film. The campaign focuses on The Grinch and the grinchiness of his character are the central messages that this campaign revolves around. But with that said, it’s obvious that the campaign including the trailers are giving away the story.

The Animated Version ‘The Grinch’

This latest animated version of the 1966 classic is probably the most needed imaginable remake that you could ever want. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch voicing the green Christmas-hating Grinch along with Rashida Jones and Kenan Thompson voicing supporting characters. The Grinch has this time upgraded the actual story without changing the heart of it. Everything from the tone of cynicism and meanness inherent in the Grinch character is hugely seen. The movie brings to life the character from the 1957’s children’s book with cleverness, merriness, and slightly dark humor.

The story is still majorly following the usual beats. Only this time, it is less musical but still retains some familiar tunes. The Grinch who is fed up with the annual Christmas celebrations of the residents at the outskirts of Whoville. Now that he has set out to ruin the festivities by stealing presents and decorations. But during this mission, he comes across Cindy Lou Who- a cheerfully determined girl waiting for Santa. And her happiness this holiday season infuriates Grinch. The Grinch is definitely an early present for the holiday season this year!

The Global Campaign for ‘The Grinch’

Universal and Illumination had some great new plans to sell this movie. And for The Grinch, a whole global marketing campaign was launched that experimented with the familiar aspects of the story. And also reflected on some of the character’s grumpy traits.

As part of the campaign, several billboards in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York were arranged. And they featured the Grinch hurling insults particular to those cities. For New York, they touched Times Square as for LA, they decided to mock the traffic problems in the city. But that’s not just it. There are teaser posters that offer some looks into the Grinch character and his traits.

Coming up next , we have the trailers for this animated movie. With the official trailer swooping a whole 17.7 million views on YouTube, there are some followup trailers that narrate different bits of the story. Marketing and publicity of The Grinch has probably been on its peak. The company also started a Grinch food contest while the official Twitter account regularly posted GIFs and short videos of the Grinch.

While it has seriously hyped up this holiday season film, all these stunts revealed pretty much everything about the film. You know exactly what will happen and how cranky the Grinch will get. But still, are you up for spending your money when Universal has pretty much spent all theirs?

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