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Durte Dom exposed by Ethan Klein for lying about reunion with David Dobrik

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Ethan Klein is on a roll these days! From bashing Trisha Paytas to exposing Durte Dom, he is not coming slow. Recently, he disclosed the truth behind Dom reuniting with David Dobrik. According to Klein, Dom hired a David lookalike to pretend that they are back.

Earlier this year, Durte Dom was accused of sexual assaults and Vlog Squad had to face the consequences.

Although the sexual assault cases really shook the group, there were many other allegations. From racially insensitive content to making the members feel uncomfortable, David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad was under fire. On top of that, a former member accused Durte Dom of sexually assaulting her. According to her, the entire crew got her drunk and she passed out. That is when Dom assaulted her. After that, Vlog Squad dispersed and Dom took a break from posting. In a video, Dobrik answered all the allegations and apologized. He said:

I love being able to make people happy for a living. That’s all that I want to do. That being said, consent is something that’s super important to me. Whether I’m shooting with a friend or a stranger, I always make sure I have the approval from that person. There’ve been moments where I’ve looked back on videos and I’ve realized these don’t represent me anymore. They’re hurtful to other people.

After a short hiatus, Durte Dom returned to social media and started posting on TikTok

Despite being heavily criticized, he returned to social media. While YouTube demonetized his main channel, Durte Dom started posting on TikTok. He appeared to be in good spirits and living his best life. At the same time, he hinted to a reunion with David Dobrik. However, his return did not sit well with fellow social media stars. From Tana Mongeau to YouTuber Angelika Oles, everyone bashed him for shamelessly returning.

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Recently, Ethan Klein exposed Dom for lying about Dobrik and him reuniting

Durte Dom Exposed By Ethan Klein For Lying About Reunion With David Dobrik

In a YouTube video, Ethan Klein dissected Durte Dom’s TikTok reunion video. According to him, Dom used Dobrik’s lookalike to pretend that all was good. In the video, Durte Dom is seen sitting with two guys, one of which looks like David Dobrik. However, he can only be seen from the back. Therefore, it cannot be said for sure that he is indeed Dobrik. This is why Ethan Klein thinks Dom hired a doppelganger. He also said:

Can you believe how disturbing this is? In the midst of what he’s accused of. I feel like David could probably sue him for this. He went and got an extra that looked like David. Like, you can tell they’re acting. That’s next level. There’s so many of them [that all have] the same lookalike he hired. So, his response to being accused of being a predator was to hire a David Dobrik lookalike and make a whole series of David and Dom back.

So far, Durte Dom or David Dobrik have not responded to these new allegations.

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