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Tenet actor pretends he forgot the movie’s ending, instead of explaining it to fans

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There are few movies that demand your attention as much as Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. And it’s all because of the complicated plot of the movie, which doesn’t just deal with time travel but reverse entropy and the literal reversal of time. If you miss any exposition or explanation for even a few minutes, chances are you’ll have trouble making sense of the film. But, viewers don’t need to feel dumb at all because the actors who worked in Tenet found it just as difficult. Even though they understand the plot and the ending, they evade explaining it to fans. We know this because one Tenet actor recently admitted to doing this!

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Tenet Actor Pretends He Forgot The Movie's Ending, Instead Of Explaining It To Fans
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There’s a reason why Tenet is filled with exposition – the movie just demands a lot of attention. Even then, it takes multiple rewatches for any viewer to make sense out of the entire film. But, that was the main purpose for Christopher Nolan, who loves tinkering with time in his movies. He focused so much on the plot of this movie that he didn’t even give his lead role a name. John David Washington played the lead in Tenet, and the only name we know of his character was the Protagonist.

Washington portrays the Protagonist, who is a secret agent that the organization Tenet recruited for their mission across time. With the help of Neil (Robert Pattinson), the two manipulate time in a very complex way to prevent World War III from happening. Despite all this, one would think that John David Washington would be the ideal person to explain the complex ending of the movie. However, you would be mistaken to think that.

John David Washington pretends he forgot about Tenet’s ending

Tenet Actor Pretends He Forgot The Movie's Ending, Instead Of Explaining It To Fans
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While talking to Collider, Washington was promoting his upcoming film Beckett, made in collaboration with Netflix. During the interview, he was asked how many friends and family members of his ask about the ending of Tenet. He revealed that a “healthy 20, 25 people” asked him that question. But, instead of explaining the ending, Washington has the perfect excuse to evade answering any such questions. He said:

I have the luxury of time, which I can say, “Oh, you know, I forgot. You know what? I forgot. You should have asked me a couple months ago. I’ve done forgotten, I’ve moved on, I’ve moved on.” It’s fun. That’s what he does. He sets it up to for multiple viewings, and this was no different.

And honestly, no one can blame him. It would take hours to explain the complex way with which Tenet and everyone involved manipulate time. John David Washinton himself admitted that he had to question Nolan repeatedly about the plot. And now, he’s in Nolan’s place of answering questions, understanding just how tough a job it is.

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