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Alleged rapist Durte Dom says he may “still have a chance” with Addison Rae

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After a hiatus from social media, alleged rap**t, Durte Dom is actively posting on TikTok. Recently, he commented on Addison Rae‘s picture and suggested that he may have a chance with her. So far, Rae has not responded to his comment.

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In 2018, a woman came out with serious allegations against Durte Dom.

Back in 2015, David Dobrik left Vine and joined YouTube. With the help of several friends, he formed a creator collective called Vlog Squad. Among others, Dominykas Zeglaitis aka Durte Dom was a prominent member. In 2018, a woman accused Dom of rape. According to her, she met with Vlog Squad to shoot a vlog. However, they got her really drunk. When she had almost passed out, Durte Dom raped her. This led to a lot of problems for Vlog Squad. While Dom did not respond immediately, he started distancing himself from the channel. At the same time, he stopped posting on social media. Meanwhile, David Dobrik was also accused of being complicit. However, he posted two apology videos in response to the allegations.

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After a long break, Dom broke his silence about the accusations.

In his Instagram stories, Dom addressed the rape allegations and apologized to the woman. He wrote:

It is time to address the recent allegations that have come out against me. I want to sincerely apologize directly to the women involved in this incident. With that being said, as far as I am concerned, everything that occurred during the night in question was completely consensual.

Furthermore, his statement read that he was being defamed unfairly and he wanted to show the world who he really is. At the same time, he revealed that he has been tirelessly working with and donating to women’s rights organizations.


Recently, Durte Dom made a weird comment on Addison Rae’s picture

Alleged Rapist Durte Dom Says He May "Still Have A Chance" With Addison Rae

In a recent Instagram post, Addison Rae’s new boyfriend, Omer Fedi shared a picture of the two in bed. This picture came at a time when people were speculating about their relationship. On the post, Durte Dom wrote a comment which read:

This means I have a chance

So far, Fedi or Addison Rae have not responded to the comment. At the same time, it is unclear as to what Durte Dom meant. Hopefully, someone will explain what this comment means.

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