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BTS Performance Canceled in Japan

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One of the biggest television stations of Japan has canceled a performance by the very famous South Korean boy band BTS. BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys became a sensational global hit when it released its debut album 2 Cool 4 Skool. Since then it almost has an international cult following that sells thousands of tickets for their shows in a matter of hours. However, the boy band has got itself into a controversy recently. A member of the band, Jimin was seen with a picture of a mushroom cloud created by an atomic bomb. The television station that was to air this show canceled it after the incident. Although the network mentioned the T-shirt controversy as the reason behind it, BTS issued their own statement. The band did not release a reason for the delay, but apologized for disappointing the many fans. Though, this could have more underlying reasons than just a T-shirt. Japan and South Korea have a history of territorial disputes in the past.

Japan Refuses to Allow BTS on Television

The seven-member boy band BTS had a scheduled performance on TV Asahi’s flagship music program on Friday night. But the Japan television station abruptly cancelled the performance amidst a controversy over one the member’s t-shirts. In a statement released, the network announced that the BTS performance on the 9th had been cancelled. It further claimed that after Jimin’s t-shirt made headlines with its controversial message, the network discussed the intentions behind it with the band’s record label. And only after that, they decided to not allow BTS to perform on their network.

The band also issued their own statement over the show cancellation. Although they did not comment on why did this unfortunate incident happen, the boys apologized to the disappointed fans. The announcement came through their official website. They added that BTS would continue to connect to fans on stage and also through their music.

What Really Happened…

Before the scheduled performance of the band on a television in Japan, pictures of a member Jimin wearing a t-shirt with a cloud of smoke created by an atomic bomb went viral. Allegations surfaced that it appeared to show the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. The shirt had the phrase, “PATRIOTISM OUR HISTORY LIBERATION KOREA” repeated several times. Although it wasn’t clear when someone took the picture, but reports say it might be from 2013.

Reportedly, Jimin also wore the same shirt on August 15th last year when Koreans celebrated the end of Japanese occupation in 1945. Ties between South Korean and Japan haven’t been the best. Especially considering the history and territory disputes stemming from Japan’s brutal 1910-45 colonial rule over the peninsula. This patriotic t-shirt from the BTS member clearly did not help.

The BTS are emerging as the leading lights of the K-pop phenomenon. Now that this band is getting global popularity especially after they topped the US charts, they might have to be a bit more attentive.

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