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Ethan Klein reacts to Trisha Paytas joining Keemstar’s podcast

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After Trisha Paytas joined Keemstar podcast, Ethan Klein of H3H3 productions expressed disappointment. Previously, Paytas and Klein were co-hosts on his podcast, Frenemies. However, as it is the norm in the world of social media stars, they quit after a lot of drama. Keemstar and Klein also share a troubled history. It’s a tale as old as time, friends one day, enemies the next.

Before getting to the real issue, its important to look at the history of Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas

To say that their relationship is complicated is an understatement. Before Paytas came to the scene, Ethan Klein and his wife had a successful YouTube channel, H3H3 Productions. In one of the videos posted in 2019, Klein called out social media stars to heavily edit their pictures. He compared the pictures of celebrities with other people. In the video, he also posted pictures of Trisha Paytas. This led to a major feud between the two. In response to Ethan Klein’s criticism, Trisha posted a lengthy video where they educated him on the effects of bullying. After that, they also involved Klein’s wife, Hila, asking her to divorce him immediately. However, after only a few days, Paytas asked to be on Ethan Klein’s podcast.

After many fights, conflicts, and videos, Trisha Paytas joined Ethan Klein for their podcast, Frenemies. During the quarantine, Paytas also started dating Hila’s brother, Moses Hacmon. Despite Klein and his family’s disapproval, the affair went on and they got engaged. However, the podcast was going to end soon due to financial disputes. Throughout this collaboration, they had multiple relapses, happy moments, upsets, and fights. In the end, Paytas left Frenemies in June.

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After Paytas quit Ethan Klein’s podcast, she joined his mortal enemy Keemstar

On the other hand, Ethan Klein and Keem have been feuding since 2017. In the past, Klein has even tried to sabotage Keem’s brand endorsements. At the same time, he has heavily criticized Keem for exploiting newcomers. On the other hand, Keem thinks YouTube shows favoritism towards Ethan Klein. Despite him violating many rules, YouTube let him go without any serious punishment.

When the news came out that Paytas will be appearing on Keem’s podcast, Mom’s Basement, Ethan Klein and his family were outrageous. Klein expressed his disappointment in a tweet and wrote:

I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny; this just really makes me sad.

At the same time, Ethan Klein’s mother, Donna called Paytas a weasel and hinted that the family might not attend her wedding with Moses Hacmon.

After the backlash from Klein, Paytas defended her appearance on Keemstar’s podcast

Ethan Klein Reacts To Trisha Paytas Joining Keemstar Podcast

In response to Ethan Klein and the family’s criticism, Trisha Paytas took to Twitter to defend themself. In a tweet, they wrote:

Me and Keem have beef / me and faze had beef / I go on podcasts to talk and try and find peace with ppl. I did it with Ethan. I went on h3 for the first time ever after he did a video saying I looked like a corpse, a wwe wrestler , etc. and i think he’s changed since then

In the past, Paytas criticized Keem for manipulating and grooming young girls. They also criticized him for dating a girl 20 years younger than him. Although Keem made peace with Paytas, his next guest for the podcast is Gabbie Hanna, who is Trisha’s mortal enemy.

At this point, it seems that Keem just wants to see the world burn!

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