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Devenity Perkins is posting “better” content on OnlyF*ns compared to Bhad Bhabie & Malu Trevejo?

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Devenity Perkins, a famous TikTok star and internet personality, has joined the O*lyF*ns platform recently. She is Daniella Perkins’s younger sister. Following the lead of Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie, Devenity becomes one of those internet personalities that joined the O*lyF*ns platform right after turning 18. However, her fans say that she is posting better content than her competition out there. Is it true though?

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Devenity Perkins OnlyF*ns content is underrated or overrated?

Devenity turned 18 on August 13, 2021. And right after turning 18, she updated her profile on Instagram and confirmed that she has joined the O-lyF*ns platform. Unlike Bhad Bhabie, the internet did not crash when it came to Devenity. Bhad Bhabie made the record of earning fastest million dollars on OF platform.

This news gave hope to many younger content creators that wanted a shortcut to earn money. Probably that’s why more and more younger celebrities are considering to join the OG platform after crossing the legal age. Some people have already boycotted the exclusive adult content platform, asking them to increase the minimum age requirement from 18 to 21. But it seems like OF platform runners are happy with the way things are progressing for them.

Currently, Devenity Perkins is charging $15.99 per month for her OF subscription. She is also offering 10% discount on 3 months subscription bundle (charging $43.17 instead of $47.97). On the other hand, Bhad Bhabie has subscription fee of $23.99/month. Whereas; Malu Trevejo’s subscription is free. (Reportedly, her posts have varying unlock fees).

Devenity Perkins does not have many subscribers on OF yet. But some fans are claiming her content is better than Malu & Bhad Bhabie. While others say that it’s not worth paying $15.99 per month.

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OF content leakage issue

Like other content creators on O-lyF*ns, Devenity Perkins is also facing her exclusive OF content leakage issue. Many celebrities have special arrangements to deal with such issues. Probably, Devenity will follow the lead and get her leaked O-lyF*ns data removed from the internet.

Even though her leaked posts have made it to the internet, Devenity Perkins confirmed that she is one of the top creators already.

A screenshot posted on her Instagram stories prove that she is in the top 0.78% of all creators on O-lyF*ns. This means, even though her subscribers will not be much at this time, she is getting good feedback on her content.

Devenity Perkins might not have a huge fan following like Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie. However, her fans believe she is posting promising content. And that, they can expect more from her in the future.

A few months back, while she was still 17, Devenity shared a vlog on her YouTube. She pranked her boyfriend in the video, pretending to start an OnlyF*ns account. However, she did tell her audience that she is not going to start an OF.

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