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Josie Canseco Calls Bryce Hall A Kid Right After She Kisses Him On The Lips

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Well!! I really don’t know how to react to this whole Josie Canseco and Bryce Hall kissing thing. And without going into details, I would like to give you all insight into Bryce and Josie’s past relationships. So we all know that Josie and Logan were a thing for hardly a year. They parted ways because of having a lot of differences. On the other hand, Bryce was dating the social media heartthrob Addison Rae. And they both shared a different story of their breakup. So we can’t say much about who is right and who is wrong.

Later, Bryce was spotted multiple times with Josie Canseco. Even the Paparazzi tried to create some stories. But Josie always turned them down and said they are just good friends. The Titoker was also seen a couple of times with Mike Majlak’s girlfriend Lana Rhoades when they were not on good terms. Now let’s jump to what happened between Bryce Hall and Josie Canseco this weekend.

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Bryce Hall and Josie Canseco Locked Lips On His Birthday

We were already expecting that something like this might be happening between these two. But it happened soon. A video went viral on social media this weekend in which Logan Paul’s ex-girlfriend Josie Canseco was seen kissing Bryce Hall.

Source: Official Jrod
Source: TikTokinsiders

I have attached the video link for you guys if you haven’t seen it along with the screenshots. If you take a closer look at the screenshot on the left, Josie’s hand can be seen on Bryce’s stomach. And Bryce is making the heart sign with his hands.

Oh well!! Do I even have to say anything about the screenshot on the right? I guess not. Bryce and Josie shared a brief lip lock and sent the social media into a frenzy. As Josie has been saying for a couple of months that she is just friends with Bryce. And Bryce only messes around with her on social media because of his childish behavior. But this video says otherwise.

Like we really don’t mind them sharing a kiss or even more. But you can’t possibly tag it the way Josie did in one of her Instagram stories.


Josie put the caption on the picture as, “happy bday kid u really one of my best friends”. And fans were really confused why she would refer to Bryce as a kid right after kissing him on the lips. We have kind of solved this mystery for you.

Bryce Hall kissed 34 people on his 22nd Birthday

We all have seen Bryce kissing his friends randomly. Recently he shared a kiss with Harry Jowsey and Riley Hubatka. And a couple of hours ago a video premiered on his YouTube channel with the title, “I KISSED 22 PEOPLE ON MY BIRTHDAY”.

And he managed to kiss 34 people instead of 22. We are guessing that Bryce is going to set a kissing record this year. And just like his last year’s birthday, this one also included strippers and a bunch of his close friends. But his friends from The Sway House were not seen in the birthday party video. And there are rumors circulating on the internet that Bryce is not on good terms with Blake Gray.

Let’s jump back to the whole kissing thing now, Bryce and Josie locked lips for a couple of seconds. And their body language was totally different while they were sharing the kiss. Guess we will have to wait for a couple of months to figure out what’s going on between these two. They will definitely make a really good couple.

Here comes the twist!!

Bryce recently appeared on Tana Mongeau’s CANCELLED podcast which was recorded before his 22nd birthday. But it just went on air a couple of hours ago. So we can say that the time of Bryce’s YouTube Birthday and Tana’s podcast with him is almost the same.

Now let’s talk about what Bryce and Tana talked about on her podcast. As we all know that Tana shares a close bond with Josie and Lana and she shows major concern about them. So she asked Bryce what’s the drama between him and Logan Paul.

“Do you think that he wants to fu*k your ex? Or am I just going too bonkers? Or do you think he’s mad – God, I love Josie, And I’m really not trying to start drama. But do you think he’s mad about .. Do you think that this is girl drama?”

Bryce says to Tana that he is only friends with the supermodel Josie. And they have always been just friends and that’s it. And Tana being Tana couldn’t control herself from being dramatic and jokingly saying “completely (friends)”.

Then the TikToker asks her why she is saying it like that. He even told Tana that he had a conversation with Logan regarding Josie and told him they are just good friends. Bryce further mentioned that he also had a chat with Logan about Addison. Because at that time, there were so many rumors going around regarding Logan and Addison. And that’s it for today guys. Let us know what do you guys think about Bryce’s 22nd Birthday?

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