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Paris Hilton admits to not knowing what a Dishwasher is in new Netflix cooking show with Kim Kardashian

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Last week, Paris Hilton graced our TV, mobile and laptop screens with a brand new show. In a strange twist of events, she decided to star in a cooking show streaming on Netflix. While it’s not easy to comprehend her as a cook, the show takes us right in the middle of her kitchen. However, it also reveals Hilton’s lack of knowledge about basic kitchen appliances. Unsurprisingly, she does not know what a dishwasher is.


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Despite the low rating, Cooking with Paris has made an impact

Paris Hilton Admits To Not Knowing What A Dishwasher Is In New Netflix Cooking Show With Kim Kardashian
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Whether you hate her or love her, there’s no denying that you cannot avoid her. For the past two decades, Paris Hilton has lived like an unapologetic diva. Her larger-than-life persona is what keeps her relevant in every era. If the Kardashians made grandiosity and over-the-top lifestyle common, Paris Hilton invented it. Therefore, when Netflix announced Cooking with Paris, people were intrigued. The premises of the show is simple, Hilton takes help from her friends to cook. While it’s set in her own kitchen, her friends do the actual work. Meanwhile, the Simple Life star is just being her glamorous self. When the trailer came out, people were most excited to see her reunite with her friend, Kim Kardashian. Apart from the KUWTK star, the show has Demi Lovato, Saweetie, Nikki Glaser, Lele Pons, and Hilton’s mom, Kathy and sister, Nicky.

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From the first episode, Paris Hilton proved that her goal is just entertainment

Since Paris Hilton got famous, people have speculated about her being dumb or not. In her documentary released on YouTube, she explained it and said:

Iā€™m not a dumb blonde, Iā€™m just really good at pretending to be one ā€¦ I felt like I was this kind of fantasy, Barbie-princess, fairy-mermaid unicorn.

Therefore, Cooking with Paris had the same vibes, and Hilton acting like she knows nothing. In the first episode with Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton is seen wearing a pristine white dress with lace gloves. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is cooking and taking the lead in Hilton’s kitchen. It seems that Hilton has hardly ever stepped in her own kitchen. During the cooking, Kardashian tries to teach her to cook but does not know if Hilton can be trusted with the recipe. At the same time, Paris Hilton admits to having little cooking knowledge. The highlight of the episode is when Hilton does not know what a dishwasher is. When Kim asks her when the trash is, she says:

Right next to the whatever its called.

Throughout the episode, Kim Kardashian seems like a more knowledgeable person while Paris Hilton seems like a confused doll. Despite that, she delivers what she has always promised to her fans, entertainment.

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