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Tana Mongeau is launching a subscription-based OnlyF*ns account, ‘Tana Gone Wild’ that might also have her s*x tape

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I feel like dancing in the air because Tana Mongeau just made a really huge announcement related to her OnlyF*ns on Twitter. As you all know Tana’s best friend Harry Jowsey recently received an award from OnlyFans for earning $500,000 in a month. This was obviously a huge milestone for Harry and Tana was really happy for her friend. Now friends who earn money from the same platform definitely stay together.

A couple of hours ago, Tana also received an award from OnlyF*ns. And guess what, she has managed to earn $6,000,000. My jaw literally just hit the floor. Though it’s not like me or most of her fans doubt her money revenue-generating skills. But that’s actually a huge achievement for Tana. And in honor of this huge achievement, she made a really surprising announcement for her OnlyF*ns viewers. That she is going to make another OnlyF*ns account.

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Tana Mongeau wants to make a S*x Tape With Her Boyfriend

Now let me give you guys a little insight into what Tana said in one of her recent podcasts. She shared some really crazy fantasies about her boyfriend Chris Miles. Tana also said that she really wants to make a s*x tape while her career is on the rise.

“But I have said I would be sad in my career if I never had some sort of s-x tape”.

Uhh, I guess we don’t want Tana to be sad in her career. So far Tana’s boyfriend Chris Miles (famous rapper) has not made any statement about his girlfriend’s wild fantasies. Though, he has never shied away from showing PDA with her. But we don’t know if both Tana or Chris would be okay with

Tana Mongeau will be making an OnlyF*ns subscription-based account with the name of “Tana Gone Wild”

Yes, guys, you heard it right. Tana is going to make another channel because her previous channel is subscription-free. She shares her semi n-de and n-de photos for her fans. The OnlyF-ns Diva took to her Twitter account recently and announced that she is going to launch another channel. As she just earned $6 million last month on the OnlyF-ns platform.

Her second channel is going to have a subscription fee like Netflix. And the channel’s name is going to be “Tana Gone Wild”. Tana further mentioned in her tweets that if she is ever going to make a s-x tape, she is going to post it on her second channel.

It's just like Netflix

Now let’s talk about the specifications of Tana’s new OnlyF*ns account. She is going to post some extremely exclusive uncensored adult content in a Vlog style. *COUGHS*

Specifications of the new channel

Tana shared in one of her recent podcast episodes that she really wants to make a s-x video. That too with her boyfriend Chris Miles. And she wants to make it while her career is on the rise. But she is extremely scared because she loves Chris and he is a great human being. So, she is just scared to show the intimate parts of her life with others.

Let’s see what fans had to say about Tana’s OnlyF*ns

While most of Tana Mongeau’s fans were super excited about the new channel. Some of them shared utter dislikeness towards it.

One of her fans said that Tana’s new channel is going to be probably a scam. And the other one said that Tana announces new projects like every other day. But then she doesn’t bother completing/working on them.

A fan's reaction on Tana

The fan particularly talked about Tana’s No-Filter content. And shared that all of her “No Filter” content which was supposed to be uncensored was completely cut off from the show. Guess we will just have to wait for a couple of weeks and figure it out on our own when Tana will be posting new content on her 2nd channel.

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