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Quentin Tarantino kept promise he made to his mother of never helping her financially

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Quentin Tarantino, one of the greatest filmmakers in the world, also does not back down when he makes promises. Years ago, he promised his mother that she will not get a penny of his future fortune. Now he’s revealing that he has stuck to it to date. Despite having a net worth of $120 million, his mother is not enjoying any luxuries.

Source: Indiewire

Famous of his films with ensemble casts and dark humor, Tarantino is a revolutionary director

In 1992, he emerged as an independent filmmaker with his film, Reservoir Dogs. Since then, Quentin Tarantino has given us outstanding films like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Django Unchained, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and many more. According to him, Italian filmmaker, Sergio Leone is a huge influence and inspiration. Although cinema lovers have always showered love for Quentin Tarantino’s films, he has been criticized for his portrayal of graphic violence. Moreover, throughout his career, Inglorious Bastards director has faced backlash for using racial slurs and gun violence. At the same time, his name was attached to the Harvey Weinstein controversy.

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Recently, Quentin Tarantino does not support his mother because of a promise he made years ago

In an interview with podcast The Moments, he revealed that his mother never supported his career. At the age of 12, Quentin Tarantino started writing screenplays. This was highly discouraged by his teachers and his mother sided with them. One day, Tarantino’s mother gave him a lecture about how he is ruining his life. While talking about it, he said:

And then in the middle of her little tirade, she said, ‘Oh, and by the way, this little ‘writing career,’ with the finger quotes and everything. This little ‘writing career’ that you’re doing? That s–t is over.’

In response to this, Quentin Tarantino said:

When she said that to me in that sarcastic way, I go, ‘OK, lady, when I become a successful writer, you will never see a penny one from my success. There will be no house for you. There’s no vacation for you, no Elvis Cadillac for mommy. You get nothing. Because you said that.’

Who is Quentin Tarantino’s mother?

Although the nature of their relationship is unclear, there is some information about his mother. Her name is Connie Zastoupli and works as a nurse in Tennessee. When she was only 16 years old, she got pregnant with Quentin Tarantino. At the time, she was married to his father, Tony Tarantino. However, they got separated soon after his birth. Later, she married a musician and that is when Tarantino really found a father figure.

Source: Dailymail

After this story, one wonders if it’s a response to childhood trauma or plain pettiness.

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