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KSI throws shade at Jake Paul in a viral TikTok video

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In a recent TikTok video, British YouTuber, KSI roasted Jake Paul. Since then, the video has gone viral, getting over 14 million views. Although their beef is not new, it will definitely stir the post once again. Instantly after, Paul responded to the video in a very unexpected way.

Previously, KSI and Jake Paul started beefing as potential boxing opponents

KSI Throws Shade At Jake Paul In A Viral TikTok Video

Logan Paul and KSI have already had two boxing matches. This led to Jake Paul wanting a match with the British YouTuber as well. However, he kept ignoring the younger Paul brother. Thus started a long-lasting beef between the two. In a tweet, Jake Paul called Lamborghini singer “a b**ch” and said he was looking for excuses to not fight him. On the other hand, KSI was very much willing for a boxing match. While talking about it, he said:

Don’t get it twisted. When I saw he knocked out Ben Askren, I got angry. There’s a part inside of me that feels like I need to f**k him up to show how much of a fraud he is. You best believe when we get in that ring, I’m knocking him out.

Later, Jake Paul took his wish back and said that he was not interested in this particular fight anymore. At the same time, KSI got busy with his music career and the match never happened.

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Recently, KSI tried to flare up the beef again when he threw shade on Paul in a viral video

The video begins with Jake Paul’s Instagram picture where he is doing a sheesh pose. In the back is a whiteboard that has a list of things Paul did in the past. From FaceTiming with Donald Trump about moving to Puerto Rico, Paul boasted about everything. It also included him bringing his idol, Lil Wayne, on stage. However, KSI savagely took a dig by playing his new single, Lose, which features Lil Wayne as well. He also imitated the sheeh pose and wrote that he knew Jake Paul would never make a song with his idol, so he did instead. Since then, the video has had more than 4 million likes and 14 million views.

Surprisingly, Jake Paul responded in a way which is very unlike him

After KSI and his video went viral, everyone expected Paul to be his petty self and throw some shade back. However, he did something completely opposite of that which is a shock in itself. In response to KSI’s video, he posted one where he congratulated the singer. He wrote:

Damn… congrats this is insane. You’ve been killing it with your music. You’re showing the world that YouTubers can accomplish anything. No hate.


#duet with @ksi give credit where credit is due

♬ Lose – KSI & Lil Wayne

With this response, Paul not only proved that he’s growing and moving on, but he also made KSI look very childish. Hopefully, all YouTubers and TikTokers can learn to be the bigger person.

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