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OnlyFans was the reason Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun broke up

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In the latest episode of Tana Mongeau’s Cancelled Podcast, we get to hear her spill some tea on her relationship with Mod Sun. And more so on why the two called it quits. It’s really an interesting story because Tana Mongeau never went officially public with him. Although they shared posts on their social media sharing their adoration for each other, fans were confused about their timeline. So, we cleared things for you guys!

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The relationship timelines of Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun

Bella Thorne must be mentioned because well, Tana and Mod were in a throuple with Bella. Bella was polyamorous but Tana and Mod weren’t. Though, they both knew about it and consented to the throuple relationship. So, getting to the timeline. Bella and Tana started dating in September 2017 and they ended things in February 2019. Meanwhile, Mod and Bella started dating in October 2018 and they broke up on April 2019.

As for Tana and Mod, it’s a bit complicated. Mod and Tana didn’t like each other at first, even when they were sharing Bella Thorne. But Mod started to develop feelings for her when he was producing a song for Tana. And they did collaborate a lot on music together which led to them connecting more and more.

In the first Cancelled episode, Tana even said that Mod and her only started to date because of “trauma-bonding”. Mod and Tana both had messy feuds and arguments with their mutual ex-girlfriend, Bella Thorne. Bella also accused Tana of breaking the girl code when Tana was first seen publicly hanging out with Mod. Bella and Tana resolved matters but the minute they did, Bella and Mod got into a messy Twitter feud.

After a while, Bella Thorne was not on good terms with either Tana Mongeau or Mod Sun. But Tana and Mod remained close and good friends. They continued to work together on music as well as stay friends. And one thing led to another, and they both started to get very affectionate towards each other. On March 2020, Tana and Mod got too cozy with each other on social media which sparked many relationship rumors. And with new information from the Cancelled Podcast, we now know that Tana and Mod did date and broke up in May of 2020. The same time when Tana Mongeau launched her OnlyFans career.

Phew. That was a complicated timeline but I hope you’re still with us, valued reader!

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How the Mod Sun break up affected Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau has had her fair share of relationships and break ups. But interestingly enough, the one that weighed a lot on her was one that she had with Mod Sun:

I knew his image is a good guy and I’m not trying to take away from that but it’s Mod Sun for sure. Like everyone just condemns me for our breakup so hard because of his amazing record ‘Karma’, that he wrote about me. Great song.

Here’s the song, by the way:

Tana definitely inspires musicians to make some really great records about her. Well, coming back to her relationship with Mod. Hunter Moreno, co-host of the Cancelled Podcast, shared his thoughts on the matter too:

You know what’s really upsetting? Coz I loved Mod always, like he was always one of my favorite people. But there was one day where you guys were like about to break up when I was unaware of it. And I went to his house. And I was just talking to him. I was trying to give him advice about you actually. And then the next day you [Tana] broke up with him. And I was unaware you were gonna do that. So, he thought whatever I said was the reason.

Then we hear Tana add an important piece of information:

But he didn’t allow me to hang out with you [Hunter]. Like you know what I mean. Like there was that whole aspect of it. Which I think it’s crazy coz it’s just like I love security and I think that sh*t is so strange.

Then the reason for the break up is revealed. It’s Tana wanting to make an OnlyFans!

Tana Mongeau shared a shocking news when she said that Mod Sun was not comfortable with her launching an OnlyFans account. The platform is used for a variety of purposes but it’s mostly popular for adult stars and influencers sharing explicit content of themselves. The Tana Turns 21 star explained on the Podcast:

But I mean everyone that wants to know about our breakup. The literal actual actual reason we broke up. We were doing perfectly fine as a couple. Literally perfectly fine. And then I wanted to start an OnlyFans. And he wasn’t – he was not down for it.That was sincerely the reason. I am not shaming him for this because I think obviously like let’s say I were to talk to him about it in an hour. Let’s say we sit down. I think he would have seen what it is and what’s it become. And become more accepting. But he was very much kind of like ‘You’re gonna become a p*rnstar’. And I was like ‘You’ve dated literal p*rnstars’. And like also ‘Like I’m not, why are you mad?’

Furthermore, Tana elaborated that it doesn’t make sense to her that people try to control the “wild side” aspect of her personality when it was the main thing they’re attracted to. She also added that if someone wants you to change, they don’t really love you:

Yeah, like I’ve done that for people. Like changed my career, tried to change. But I think the truest love is someone who can accept you and empower you for like who you are.

The Tana Turns 21 star said that she didn’t think they would end up breaking over this. She thought that Mod Sun would eventually come around because she was pretty adamant on creating an OnlyFans account.

How the breakup between Mod and Tana came about

She was gonna launch it on her birthday and three days before it, Mod Sun completely ghosted her. He was writing a script with Machine Gun Kelly for ‘Tickets for my Downfall’ movie and all through that time, he “heavily ignored” Tana Mongeau. Tana says that Mod ignored her during her birthday and during the biggest points of her career (her OF launch). After that, they both ended up breaking up with each other.

Hunter added that there might be something more. But Tana Mongeau swears that this was how it went. They didn’t talk for a while and then her relationship with Mod Sun was no more.

Brooke Schofield also added that she loved Mod when he was dating Tana and continued to support him despite their breakup. But she was not aware of any of the details of Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun’s relationship. Tana kept things very private.

Moreover, after breaking up with Mod Sun, Tana Mongeau was on a plane to Miami with Jake Paul. Yep, the Jake Paul.

Hunter also added that it was one of the most upsetting friendship endings for him because Mod thought Hunter intentionally sabotaged their relationship. In reality, Hunter and Tana had nothing romantic going on while Tana was dating Mod and everything was platonic.

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