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Tana Mongeau pulling an Alissa Violet on Jake Paul?

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Ohh well, guys!! We never thought this day would come when Tana Mongeau would be pulling an Alissa Violet on her ex-boyfriend/husband Jake Paul. Now before we go any further. I would like to give you all an insight into what happened between Alissa Violet and Jake Paul. As some of you might know that Alissa Violet was once a part of Jake’s Team 10. But she was kicked out of the house when she tried to treat Jake the way he treated her. But it didn’t really work out.

Jake used to cheat on her throughout their relationship. Like Alissa was solely focused on him. But Jake treated her badly. He used to bring other women to the room which he used to share with Alissa and have s*x with them. He even made a diss track on Alissa. And Alissa made one back in return because that’s only fair. Jake used to physically harm her. Like pushing her and being aggressive at times when he was not in a good mood. Alissa shared all of this in an episode of Shane Dawson’s Docuseries. Now let’s get back to why we are referring Alissa with Tana here.

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Jake Paul mocks Tana Mongeau in his recent TikTok

So Jake Paul recently posted a TikTok video in which he refers to Tana Mongeau as a sloth. A couple of hours later, Tana made a response video. And gestured to a tiny size with her fingers while referring towards Jake where he put the caption “Fake Married A Sloth”. Now we really don’t know why Jake would do such a silly thing and name call Tana. That’s indeed very rude of him.

And then Tana being Tana couldn’t stop herself from reacting back to Jake. She also pulled a screenshot of Alissa Violet’s YouTube video which is titled “What You Have Been Waiting For”. Along with the caption “The Truth”. Jake’s TikTok video is nothing but full of things that can hurt people’s sentiments.

On the other hand, if we look at Tana’s response, she is not only calling Jake tiny. But she might be a few days away from exposing Jake’s truth with her fans. We don’t really know how Jake treated Tana throughout their fake relationship. Or why he ended his friendship with Tana and blocked her on his social media accounts. Because Tana never really talked about it until now.

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Tana Mongeau responds to Keemstar’s claim that she was exposing Jake Paul’s d**k size

Keemstar posted a Tweet in which he asked Tana that why is she referring to Jake’s d*ck as small. To which Tana replied that she was actually talking about exposing Jake with ‘the tiny hand gesture’. She further added that she did so much for him but got hurt in the end.

We all know that Jake has moved on with his life. He is focusing on building a career in the boxing world. And having an on-and-off going relationship with Julia Rose. So we don’t really know why he name-called Tana and hurt her feelings and sentiments. She never really said anything bad about him.

Anyways, we don’t really know if Jake’s d*ck is tiny or not. But we think Tana killed two birds at a time with the tiny hand gesture. Oh, and do you guys know Tana spilled some beans on Jake’s and her relationship in her Cancelled podcast. And said that she was going to do an OnlyF-ns collaboration with him. But we are glad that they broke up as both of them were mentally in a very dark place.

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