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Andrew Cuomo told an accuser he wouldn’t date Chelsea Handler: “she’s nuts”

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under a lot of fire over the past couple of days. After multiple women came forward against him since December of last year, accusing him of sexual harassment, an independent investigation has found out that Cuomo did indeed harass multiple women. The investigation corroborated multiple eyewitnesses and concluded that Cuomo was guilty of the allegations. However, the accusers also revealed another piece of information about Cuomo. It turns out that the Governor of New York discussed potential girlfriends with one of the accusers. And when she brought up Chelsea Handler, Cuomo said he wasn’t interested, saying she’s “nuts” and “crazy”.

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Andrew Cuomo Told An Accuser He Would not Date Chelsea Handler: "She's Nuts"

It’s no secret that Chelsea Handler has been an old admirer of Governor Cuomo. Back when the pandemic began, Handler was smitten by the way that Cuomo handled the situation at the front. Since then, Handler has admitted to having a crush on Cuomo and said:

In the pandemic, I was very turned on by his morning news conferences, as many of us were.

The two even met, exchanging a few words with each other, but Cuomo never really followed through. However, Handler was not the only celebrity to have a crush on the Governor. Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Will Smith, also admitted that Cuomo was her “celebrity crush”. She was especially impressed by his press conferences at the height of the pandemic as well. However, Cuomo was not interested in either of these women. Instead, he resorted to harassing and grooming his young female staffers, as the investigation uncovered.

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Andrew Cuomo would entrust his accusers to find him a new girlfriend, rejected the idea of dating Chelsea Handler

In the bombshell report, it has been revealed that Cuomo harassed over 11 women. Moreover, he created a toxic workplace environment, where he was:

Engaging in unwanted groping, kissing, and hugging, and making inappropriate comments.

According to notes attached to the report, Cuomo even told one of the accusers Charlotte Bennet that he wants a girlfriend. Cuomo often ‘brought up his ex – he said Sandy (Sandra Lee) was not talking to him’. They had brought their eight-year-long relationship to an end and as a result, Cuomo would say he felt:

lonely, that he was not sleeping well, he was looking for a girlfriend

And so, he put Bennet incharge of finding him a girlfriend. Bennet would recall that Cuomo:

wants to get drunk and get on his motorbike and take a woman into the mountains and forget about the pandemic for a few hours.

And when Bennet suggested to him the names of these two celebrities, Cuomo gave a peculiar response. The reason why he won’t date Pinkett Smith is that she’s married, which is understandable. However, he’s not interested in Chelsea Handler because she is “nuts”. The note says ‘CH (Handler) was crazy’, continuing:

CB (Charlotte Bennet) says AC (Andrew Cuomo) asked her to find him a girlfriend. She says she deflected and said Jada Pinkett Smith or Chelsea Handler. He said Jada is married and Chelsea is nuts.

Andrew Cuomo Told An Accuser He Would not Date Chelsea Handler: "She's Nuts"

Other forms of harassment Bennet had to bear from the Governor

Unfortunately, Andrew Cuomo would subject Bennet to more instances of harassment. The report also includes an October 4, 2019 phone call transcript, where Cuomo would sing to her an old song that was “before her time”. Things got so bad for Bennet that she once told her friend she would “burst into tears” after an incident with the Governor. After she read the similar allegations by Lindsey Boylan, Bennet felt that it “left me with a pit in my stomach”. She called Cuomo “gross” and she also wrote:

(Cuomo) only spoke to me twice today and both times it was to tell me he didn’t like how I did my hair.

The report also revealed that Cuomo kissed Anna Ruch against her will at 2019, after which the two had a fallout. However, Cuomo’s PR advisor Lis Smith said in a series of emails responded to the allegations, saying:

In front of dozens of people and with cameras around? At a wedding? This doesn’t pass the smell test… This also isn’t even a thing – sounds like every Italian grandad at a wedding.

Ever since the report surfaced, Cuomo’s team has been trying to get letters signed by dozens of women who worked under him to tell the media that he was a good boss. Moreover, they also used President Joe Biden’s own words in response to the allegations levelled on Biden by Tara Reade. As of right now, there is a lot of public pressure mounting on Cuomo to resign, with even the President demanding a resignation from the Governor.

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