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Corinna Kopf OnlyF*ns earnings are now up to 4.2 million Dollars!

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It’s not new for influencers and celebrities to make a lot of money when they join the OnlyF*ns (OF) community. But Corinna Kopf seems to be making a big name for herself as she surprised her friends on David Dobrik’s vlog. She revealed that has made up to a 4.2 million dollars! That’s a big amount!

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David Dobrik’s new vlog shows how successful Corinna Kopf’s OF has been

Corinna Kopf surprised David Dobrik and vlog squad members Zane Hijazi and Natalie Noel when she revealed her earnings from OnlyF*ns.

Kopf also revealed an interesting piece of information. She said that she never once posted a picture of her V. Yep, her v*jayjay. Also known as pink heaven in some special books, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, Corinna Kopf also shared that the first picture of her chest on OF made her $165,000! And after hearing that information, David joked that Natalie should start an OnlyF*ns too. A joke that she went along with as she pretended to take off her shirt.

The success of Corinna’s OF is no surprise as her initial launch was pretty good!

In July of this year, Corinna Kopf launched her OF account and she revealed to David Dobrik her initial earnings:

“In 48 hours, I made a little over a million dollars. And then I gambled to celebrate and then I won 30,000 dollars.”

The topic of her OF became so popular on Twitter as she’s a famous influencer. Consequently, Corinna Kopf’s onlyf*ns pictures got leaked within hours of the launch. Her fans were disappointed with the content. Though, she made sure the leaks were removed so that her OF account remains secure.

Kopf also dealt with the claim that she was scamming her fans. Her initial onlyf*ns pictures were very similar to her Instagram posts. But she had an apt response to that:

“people who think my onlyf*ns is about to be just “instagram content”… you’re dead wrong. if i posted everything right out the gate, it would just get leaked…just wait…”

And it seems like she was not wrong. It’s been a few weeks since her launch and she’s made millions of dollars. That’s certainly no small feat! Moreover, Corinna Kopf was also able to buy a new Ferrari from her OF money. The Ferrari cost around $400,000!

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