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Avengers: Infinity War Had a Fake Script Where Loki Didn’t Die!

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The creators of the iconic movie Avengers: Infinity War took great attention and care to prevent any spoilers from leaking. Their paranoia is the kind you’d expect in some sort of cold war. In fact, there was even a rumor that Mark Ruffalo was fired from Avengers 4 because he accidentally leaked out the name! So, it’s no surprise that Joe and Anthony Russo went so far as to create a fake script. One where our favorite super-villain Loki, didn’t die! Now, I’d like to see that movie hit the screens or possibly travel to another parallel universe where this script was used instead.

Death of Loki In Avengers: Infinity War, A Sad Moment

Death of Loki In Avengers: Infinity War, A Sad Moment
Marvel Studios

I know anyone who’s seen the movie will comment on how there were so many sad moments in the movie that the tears generated even surpassed the ones created by the famously depressing This Is Us. But, we’re talking about Loki. It’s a weird relationship we have with our favorite super-villain. You don’t agree with him at times but you can’t ever loathe the guy fully. There’s a special love you feel for super-villains like these, the charming and manipulative genius of which you have to pay respect to. So, when Loki was the first to die at the hands of Thanos, it was disappointing.

How Loki Would Have Survived

Instead of having to resurrect Loki yet again, it would have been better to have him not die in the first place. We could see an interesting dynamic of Thor and his step-brother reuniting once again, along with the Avengers team, to save the universe from Thanos. That’s the fake script that the creators used to ensure that absolutely no spoilers would be leaked. The executive producer of the movie Trinh Tran says it was hard to explain to the confused crew.

The producer explains that the fake script had a scene where Loki gets away in an escape pod at the start of the movie. When the crew had to prepare for that specific scene, they were obviously confused. The creators then had to tell them about the fake script they had distributed to them. However, like your dreams of getting Beto O’Rourke elected in Texas were crushed, Loki was not seen doing this scene. He died right at the start of the movie.

What’s the Real Reason for the Fake Scripts?

The audience might think of having fake scripts as new and odd. But this has been commonplace in the industry for a while now. The directors themselves were open about the existence of fake scripts. They added the fact that no one had actually read the complete original one either. The main reason the directors and producers could give was that they wanted to keep the suspense alive. Spoilers of any kind certainly ruin the magic of any movie or TV show. Plus, with a global audience emotionally invested in this Marvel Cinematic Universe for so long means that the creators of Avengers: Infinity War had to take secrecy seriously. In other words, they just didn’t want to disappoint the fans. So, they dedicated their time into making actual fake scripts for us. We might be sad at Loki dying but we can still respect this effort. Though, fret not for there might be a possible fan theory that Loki somehow still survived.

Let’s see if Avengers 4 brings back Loki or not!

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