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Hunter Moreno and Tana mongeau come clean about their relationship past on the Cancelled podcast

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Tana Mongeau and Hunter Moreno are currently hosting their Cancelled podcast with their friend Brooke Schofield. But many of those who have been following these two on YouTube and their social media accounts know that something romantic happened between them. It’s always been a mystery though and we never really got the full explanation as to what went down. But now when Trisha Paytas appeared as their first official guest on the podcast, she got them to talk!

And we found out some pretty interesting things from Tana and Hunter. But before we dive into it, we must get into their history first.

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History of Tana Mongeau and Hunter Moreno dating

Tana and Hunter met in 2017 and he became her videographer and photographer. But something romantic happened between them too. In December 2017, Tana Mongeau made a YouTube video ‘Interviewing My Ex Boyfriend… ex tag’ and the ex-boyfriend in question was none other than Hunter Moreno. In it, the two discussed how they had recently ended their relationship. The two were still on good terms and added that they do still share a special friendship. But while talking about why they ended things, Hunter said he ended things but Tana disagreed. Hunter added to that saying, “I allowed you to end things”. Moreover, Tana said that she couldn’t handle the pain anymore and that there were still feelings involved but they could not work things out.

Though, Hunter believed that Tana never actually had any real feelings for him but just thought she did. Tana Mongeau denied that but they still laughed about it. In the video, they did admit to sharing a kiss and having a date. But both agreed that the ending was a “mutual understanding”. Tana added that she would often want to push Hunter out of her life but Hunter would always stay and always be there for her in difficult times. There were plenty of other videos featuring Hunter up on Tana Mongeau’s YouTube channel where the video title often has the word ‘my ex-boyfriend’ on it.

Then after she was married to Jake Paul in 2019, or fake married, she made a forty minute long candid video in December of that year. It was titled ‘the truth about everything. (the wedding, jake, alissa, erika, mtv, mental health, drugs, etc)’. In it, she detailed how difficult her life was and how the open relationship she had with Jake Paul was not working out and she ended up hurt on many occasions. Though, she admitted it wasn’t a healthy relationship with Jake, she still wanted to support him and be with him. And she also revealed the fact that she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend Hunter Moreno:

I feel so life-changingly in love with Hunter and that f–ked me up too… because it led to me comparing everyone for the rest of my life to this person that I’m not going to be with.

Tana also revealed that she only got into a relationship with musician Brad Sousa to get over Hunter Moreno even though she didn’t really like Brad Sousa and thought he was an idiot. And it’s often been a joke that Tana still has unresolved feelings for Hunter Moreno. Now, in their second episode of Cancelled podcast, the two came clean about their relationship past.

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Huntero Moreno and Tana Mongeau both think they never officially dated

When Trisha was inquiring about their past relationship, they asked Tana Mongeau and Hunter Moreno:

So, you guys used to like date?

Hunter Moreno flat out said, “No”. And Tana agreed saying that they never officially dated. And when Trisha asked if anything casual happened between them dating wise, they again said no. Then Tana Mongeau added that both have different perceptions of it. Tana clarified:

We actually didn’t date. I was just vibing with Hunter.

Tana Mongeau did say that she did “definitely” wanted to date Hunter Moreno but it never became that. Hunter Moreno added that their “fling” was at a time when they both didn’t really know each other well. He said that they were just becoming friends.

Tana added saying:

There was a point in time where I was like ‘Hunter is such a good guy, maybe I need a good guy’. And like I convince myself I need a good guy and then I was like, ‘This is like I don’t know’!

Hunter jokingly added that Tana meant to say:

F*ck this guy. He’s a f**king a**hole!

Tana laughed at that and both of them told Trisha that all of this happened in 2017, so it was a while ago.

Tana Mongeau also explained the situation on why they never became a proper couple:

But I do remember literally waking up one day and being like this is – you know what I mean – like when you’re really attached to someone and you care about them or you’re in a dark place. I’ve always been very wild with just hooking up with people and liking them. I like everyone. I hook up with all my friends. And I literally fall in love with someone just because they’re you know – I was way worse about it in the past, you know what I mean. And I just like loved Hunter and what he did for me so much. But then I woke up one day and I was like I want this person in my life for life. And the things we’ve been through, you know what I mean. Like we’re just so like family, you know.

Tana joked and said that it seems like she was friendzoned but that wasn’t the case. She just cared too much about Hunter that she didn’t want a relationship to ruin things.

Hunter Moreno also shared the same opinion on the matter as Tana:

I think what she’s saying is like she typically will just does the sexual aspect to so many people. She’ll hook up with them and then they’ll go away. And I was like listen I care about her as a human so much more and I’d rather just keep the friendship and keep her as a person in my life coz she needed that so much more than she was even aware of.

Tana Mongeau also revealed that Hunter is one of her few friends that she has not slept with and she’s grateful about that fact. Both Tana and Hunter agreed that a sexual or romantic relationship between them would not have worked out and they both cared so much about each other as friends that they held on to that.

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