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Tana Mongeau comments on the Chris D’Elia situation

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It’s been more than a year since multiple women came out and exposed Chris D’Elia for sexual misconduct. Many of the fans accusing him of wrongdoings were underaged and minors when their encounter with D’Elia occurred. Since then, the comedian has returned to hosting his Congratulations podcast, but people can’t stop talking about the scandal. Now, Cancelled podcast host Tana Mongeau has commented on the situation as well.

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Tana Mongeau Comments On The Chris D'Elia Situation

In the inaugural episode of her Cancelled podcast, Tana Mongeau did not shy away from bringing up controversial topics that could land her in some hot water. And she decided to bring up Chris D’Elia. Last year, multiple women came forward with their stories of sexual harassment and misconduct against the comedian. Some of the women included were underaged at the time of their encounter with D’Elia. Moreover, two further women also claimed that D’Elia exposed himself in front of them without their consent. As a result of these allegations, D’Elia’s career did take a hit. lost his acting agency as well as several jobs, including a role on Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. Snyder instead replaced him with Tig Nataro, and spent millions on reshoots to have him removed.

Tana Mongeau used to be D’Elia’s biggest fan, but not any more

D’Elia eventually returned in the public eye with his podcast and even addressed the allegations, but his audience is not the same anymore. One of them is Tana Mongeau, who revealed that she was a huge fan of D’Elia, but that all changed after the allegations surfaced. She said:

He really just came back… Well, I don’t know what actually happened in that situation so I don’t have enough knowledge to speak on it. That one was disheartening for me because I was the biggest life-long die-hard Chris D’Elia fan. The way I had to take 80 life-rip hoodies out of my closet when that s**t happened. I was so sad.

Mongeau further talked about the power-imbalance between a fan and a celebrity, saying that she would never sleep with a fan because she knows the power she has over them. She proceeded to talk about D’Elia right after this, saying:

I am so grateful to say that I am not a fan-f***er and I have nothing to hide and I hope that a lot of the other influencers in this space will continue to be the same because i think that is so sad and disgusting.

Furthermore, co-hosts Hunter Moreno and Brooke Schofield highlighted the weird characters that Chris D’Elia would often play, which made the revelations even more disturbing. It was as if “he was playing himself,” said Hunter. However, it goes beyond that.


Mongeau also revealed that she knew a person who had uncomfortable experiences with Chris D’Elia

Apart from the roles, Mongeau revealed that she and Moreno both knew someone who once dated Chris D’Elia. And their acquaintance revealed that she hinted towards D’Elia being a sexual predator. In the podcast, Mongeau said:

You actually were hooking up with a girl who was a really good friend of mine who dated him before. And I remember a very long time ago before any of this, I was die-hard watching his podcast and she said, ‘You know, you should think about why he takes those roles’. She said a lot of other really crazy claims about him. It’s also wild too cause Chris D’Elia is a great example of there were so many rumors about that s**t in Hollywood before a stry actually came out.

Tana Mongeau also said that Chris D’Elia has signs and echoes of being a predator, just like Drake Bell, James Charles, and Harvey Weinstein. However, despite these harrowing revelations, Mongeau is happy that at least people now take women and their harassment claims seriously. Moreover, courts are now beginning to become more welcoming for legal actions in such matters. The host continued saying:

I’m so happy that we’re finally in a place where people are taking seriously how important it is to not only believe the victims… but to take legal actions so that in a court of law it can be decided.

You can watch the relevant segment from her podcast below (54:00 onwards):

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