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Trisha Paytas says Frenemies ending wasn’t Their fault

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It’s been three weeks since the famous Frenemies podcast with Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein ended catastrophically. There was a serious argument between the two hosts, revolving mostly around the earnings from the podcast. However, it spiraled into something much worse as the two took to Twitter to one-up against the other. However, now that the dust has settled weeks later, Trisha has reemphasized that they are not responsible for the ending of the Frenemies podcast.

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Trisha Paytas Says Frenemies Ending Wasn't Their Fault

So, to put it briefly, the Frenemies debacle occurred when during their last podcast episode, Trisha complained that they had no say in the hiring of the crew members of the H3H3 production. Moreover, they had an issue with Ethan taking all the money from the highlights as well as an extra 5% from the revenue of the podcast. However, Ethan responded by saying that Trisha was not hired as a producer, but a talent for the show, and by that means, they were getting a generous cut. After the podcast, Trisha released a video, announcing their departure from the podcast.

Then, the feud between the two got ugly as the fight entered the arena of Twitter. Trisha’s video resulted in Ethan’s crew getting unprecedented hate on their social media accounts. Moreover, the two leaked screenshots of private conversations between Trisha and Ethan as well as their crew members. In the end, the feud eventually defused away and the two went on with their lives without Frenemies. However, the success of that podcast still lives on in their memories, as Trisha Paytas brought it up in another recent podcast.

Trisha Paytas believed Frenemies would last forever

Trisha recently talked on the Cancelled podcast, co-hosted by Tana Mongeau, Hunter Moreno, and Brooke Schofield. There, they mentioned how much Frenemies meant to her, even believing that it may last “forever”. They said:

I really thought it would be forever. Coz like obviously I’m marrying his [Ethan Klein]’s brother-in-law. – And we actually started dating because I was always on their podcast and like Ethan was always an asshole to me. And I thought it would be so funny if I like f****d Hila’s brother. You know what I mean. And like Ethan knows that.

Furthermore, Tana agreed with Paytas, saying that she would often want to do the same. Trisha laughs it off, and continues with her story, saying that Frenemies ending was not her fault:

I was so excited to go back and talk about it and stuff like that. So, we like took pictures like on the first day kind of thing. Coz I wanna save this. So, that’s where it all started… Yeah, I thought it would be a long time because we were like cool, you know what I mean. But yeah, I think the ending like honestly wasn’t my fault. And I’m just gonna say it here because everyone is like ‘Oh no, it’s all your fault’.

Trisha says Ethan admitted to his mistake of leaking screenshots and lying about them

Another thing Trisha pointed out while talking to Tana was that Ethan lied about Trisha wanting to have his crew fired. They asked Ethan to point out exactly where they said it, but according to Trisha, Ethan could never do so. They said:

He screenshotted my texts, sent them to his staff. He’s like ‘yeah I probably shouldn’t have done that’. You know basically like saying that I wanted them fired, I was like show me a text so you know you basically like lie whatever.

Lastly, Trisha Paytas emphasized that Frenemies ended because Ethan Klein realized he was at fault. But, they did admit to some wrongdoing at their own end prior to the final debacle. They revealed they were not taking their medication and was quite unhinged. They continued:

And I think he ultimately couldn’t continue the show because he was the one that was like at fault. In the past, it was my fault. Right. Like I called his wife like the C-word. I did all this like horrible s**t. No, like horrible. I was unmedicated, like it was not an excuse. Like it was bad. I did this horrible s**t. But they would like always continue the show, you know what I mean. So, this was something like, wasn’t that horrible but because – in my opinion – I was like oh he was in the wrong he can’t like face it. Because he lied about me wanting to fire the whole crew, it was a whole thing.

Trisha was Tana Mongeau’s first guest on her Cancelled podcast, and throughout the show, she was very supportive of Trisha, with their chemistry being totally on point. At one point, Tana even confessed to wanting to sleep with Trisha.

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