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Tana Mongeau wants to Make a s*x tape with her boyfriend Chris Miles

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Alright guys, so it’s been ages since we all were waiting for Tana Mongeau to make an official announcement about who she is currently dating. Though she planned on giving us all a hard time by flirting with every other person. From Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey to Tayler Holder’s ex-girlfriend Charly Jordan, Tana is seen flirting with them all. That too with no shame.

It’s been a couple of months since Tana was single and very much ready to mingle. We also appreciate the fact that she was hanging out with her friends and focusing more on her business ventures. And when we all thought that she is trying to move on from her ex-boyfriend/fake husband Jake Paul, we were very much wrong. As she was non-stop talking about the Paul brothers. Especially the one who she indirectly referred to as ‘toxic ex’ in a TikTok video. But finally, she is moving on. Tana Mongeau made her relationship with Chris Miles official on 7th July.

Right after that, she announced on her Twitter that both she and the rapper are in a toxic relationship and they are parting ways. And guess what? Their breakup lasted for only one day. We often see them in the social media tabloids showing PDAs. Recently, Tana started her own podcast by the name of ‘Cancelled’. And guess who was the second guest in the podcast? Umm, it was Trisha Paytas. Let’s see what these girls talked about. Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys that Tana’s best friend Hunter Moreno is the co-host of the Cancelled podcast. They both come clean about their past relationship on the Cancelled podcast.

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Tana Mongeau shares wild fantasies about boyfriend Chris Miles

Alright guys, so the girls and Hunter talked about all sorts of things. Starting from Frenemies ending, Tana’s ex-manager Jordan Worona, their past traumas, and OnlyF*ns. Oh, and I totally forgot to mention the girls share mutual hate for Gabbie Hanna on the podcast. But we will talk in detail about how smartly Trisha dragged Tana’s current boyfriend Chris Miles into the whole conversation and made her blush.

So, Trisha asks Tana if she won’t f*ck guys now that she is in a relationship with Chris Miles. To which Tana surprisingly replies with a No. As she is extremely lucky to have the rapper ‘Chris Miles’ as her boyfriend. The ex-Frenemies co-host then asked Tana if she is going to do an OnlyF*ns collab with her boyfriend. Much to our surprise, Tana shared some wild fantasies about her boyfriend Chris Miles and OF and kind of agreed of doing it.

“I guess, we would. I mean – I never f*cked him on my Only-F*ns (OF) but I’ve said I would be sad in my career if I never had some sort of s-x tape”.

Hunter adds saying, the offer is right now. Tana also shares that her new manager does want her to do it. In response, Trisha also gets excited and encourages Tana to go for it. Tana says she wants to do it but she is a bit apprehensive about it. But she adds that she really wants to have a Paris psycho moment.

Trisha continued encouraging Tana and said you should definitely do a s-x tape because “It’s so your brand”. But our Cancelled podcast host shared her insecurities about doing a s*x tape with her boyfriend.

“I love him, he’s great. I just – I’m scared of like a whole thing”.

But Trisha being Trisha couldn’t stop pushing Tana. She really wants Tana to come out with her own s-x tape.

“Well you’re like young so it’s a kind of risky but it’s your brand so it makes sense. It’s like Paris, Kim. Like you’re on that level. Coz you have your own brand.”

Later, Hunter starts joking about how Trisha is gassing up Tana. Trisha then laughs and says that she hates everyone but genuinely loves Tana because Tana has been extremely nice to her throughout. Umm, well !! We don’t really know if Tana was serious about making a s-x tape or not. But we can just wait and see until she invites Chris on her podcast and asks him the same question as Trisha’s.

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