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Here’s why Jordan Worona isn’t Tana Mongeau’s manager anymore

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In the latest episode of Tana Mongeau’s Cancelled Podcast, she brought on Trisha Paytas as her guest. And of course, the topic of Jordan Worona came up. This is because Jordan Worona was both a manager for Paytas as well as Mongeau. But Mongeau moved on and has a new manager, David Weintraub. And we got to finally hear why the Cancelled host changed her manager.

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Tana Mongeau says that it was a very dark period in her time when she was with Jordan Worona

When Tana Mongeau left her long-time manager Jordan Worona, everyone was curious as to why she came to this conclusion. The two were close on social media and Tana would often credit her in her award acceptance speeches and pay accolades to him on her Instagram account. In her MTV show Tana Turns 21, she says:

“I love Jordan more than anyone on this earth. I literally feel like he’s the most family I will ever ever have. “

But then everything changed when Tana signed onto another management company and had a new manager, David Weintraub. A wile back, she also made a shady tweet saying she will one day write a book to expose everyone. Many took this as a tweet shading Jordan Worona because she switched management around that time.

Now, Tana hasn’t outright called him out but in episode 2 of the Cancelled podcast, she ended up spilling the tea. Here’s why Tana Mongeau left Jordan Worona.

Tana started off the topic saying that she loves her new manager who changed her life for the better:

“I love David. He’s the best manager in the world. He found me at my absolute darkest place, like brink of suicide. Just like terrible. And he’s changed my life inside and out.”

Hunter Moreno added that Tana Mongeau’s life changed in a better way when she changed management:

“It is very crazy though, to know like how much you’ve changed mentally towards your work, towards everything when she switched management.”

Tana agreed with Moreno saying:

“I think I wake up for sh*t. Coz now I’m not like a depressed piece of sh*t”.

Trisha agreed and commented saying that Tana Mongeau looks better and added that Tana even arrived on set on time. Punctuality didn’t use to be Tana’s strong suit and they all agreed and laughed about it.

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Does Jordan Worona owe Tana and Trisha money?

Then they all started discussing other things and at the end of the podcast, Trisha Paytas again asked Tana Mongeau:

“Why’d you get rid of Jordan?”

To this Tana Mongeau starts laughing loudly and then proceeds to answer saying:

“I’ll ask you a question that I think we both have the same answer to. Are we owed money by him?”

To this Trisha laughs and replies:

“No comment on that. [laughs] No, I have no comment. I plead the 5th. No, I’m kidding”

Then Tana Mongeau hinted indirectly what was wrong with Jordan Worona as a manager:

“You know professionalism in a manager is beautiful, you know. And appropriate nature.”

And Trisha added saying:

“Yeah! Like look, your new manager got you this whole thing”

And Tana added to the praise:

“Yeah, he does everything for me. He’s the most professional f*cking dope icon. I love him.”

Tana Mongeau did add some nice things about Jordan Worona saying that she was with him for about six to seven years and that she doesn’t regret that time. She added saying that she learned so much and it was a big time in her life. Tana shared that sometimes people outgrow each other and that she was at a point in her life that she needed to move on. But she does wish Jordan the best in his life and has no ill will.

The second episode of Cancelled Podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Music. The first episode is out on Tana’s YouTube channel as well.

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