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The D’Amelio Family show will debut on September 3rd, only on Hulu

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Since the inception of TikTok, it has taken the entire world by storm. Therefore, the news of The D’Amelio Family Show premiering on Hulu is a big deal for everyone using this app. The show focusing on the lives of the D’Amelio family will be on-air on September 3rd.


From their sudden success to daily life trials, The D’Amelio Family Show will take the fans inside their home

The D'Amelio Family Show Will Debut On September 3rd, Only On Hulu

According to the Hulu press release:

“From relative obscurity and a seemingly normal life to overnight success and thrust into the Hollywood limelight overnight. The D’Amelios are faced with new challenges and opportunities they could not have imagined.”

While the show will be focusing on the D’Amelio sisters, their parents, Marc and Heidi, are all set to have their own fan base. As seen in the teaser, The D’Amelio Family Show will highlight their family dynamics and sibling rivalry. At the same time, it will have a glimpse into the daily routine of TikTok’s first family.

While talking to the media, Marc and Heidi shared a little bit about their own journey.

Although their daughters have made them famous on social media, Marc and Heidi have their own respective careers. Charli D’Amelio‘s mother is a photographer and a former model. Meanwhile, Marc D’Amelio is a former Republican Connecticut senate candidate. When talking about their daughters’ fame, they said:

“Raising teenagers is hard enough. On top of that, we had a cross-country move while supporting our daughters’ dreams. We are doing the best we can to stay close as a family and protect our girls from the dark side of fame, while also trying to adjust to life in Hollywood.”

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Although they need no introduction, Charli and Dixie have become household names in just a year.

At the mere age of 16, Charli D’Amelio became the most followed TikToker with 150 million followers. From lip-syncing to making dance video to doing challenges, her content has expanded to all categories over the last year. On the other hand, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, has 78 million followers and is working hard to pursue a music career of her own. Her song, Be Happy, has over 108 million views on YouTube.

The D’Amelio Family Show will be a great opportunity for this family to make their mark in Hollywood. So, don’t forget to check it out on September 3rd.

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