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Tana Mongeau calls bluff on Bryce Hall’s Birthday Tweet

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Well if anyone knows Bryce Hall better than himself, it’s his close friend Tana Mongeau. The two recently had an interesting Twitter exchange where Hall commented that he won’t have a birthday party this time around. He’s going to turn 22 next month on August 14th. And well, Tana didn’t think him not having a party to mark the occasion would be the case.

Bryce Hall doesn’t want to be the “party animal” anymore

Even though the “party animal” brand was going pretty good for him, and his merch with the same name selling really well, Bryce Hall seems to have moved on from it. In fact, he’s really open to being a dad these days! Here’s what he tweeted:

im not having a birthday party for my 22nd… there’s no point, im getting ready for a family now

Bryce Hall 22nd Birthday Tweet

In another tweet, he also said that he’s ready to have a mini Bryces hanging around him. We’re not sure where the sudden urge for parenthood sprung in Bryce Hall, but it’s pretty strong.

When Keemstar suggested that Bryce Hall do a test-run with a baby doll to see if he is indeed ready, Bryce responded saying he totally is.

However, Tana Mongeau was not sure about him taking it easy on his birthday

Mongeau replied to Bryce’s birthday tweet and said he was totally making it up:

ur gonna end up blacked out in my closet at 4 am shut up

Tana Tweets To Bryce Birthday

We don’t personally know Bryce Hall but there’s a great probability that Tana Mongeau is speaking the truth. After all, they’re pretty close friends!

And we must not forget Bryce’s crazy 21st birthday where the cops were called! The police was called because the party took place in the midst of the pandemic at a time where there were no COVID-19 vaccines available for people.

Internet personalities like Tana and Bryce were one of the many influencers who were called out for not social distancing and adding to the spread of COVID-19.

Though, now there are vaccines widely available and everyone is getting vaccinated. But it seems like Bryce Hall doesn’t want to party anymore.

Let’s see if Bryce actually sticks to his words or Tana’s. Plus, we might be getting to see him on Tana Mongeau’s new podcast called ‘Cancelled’. When one fan requested Tana to have Bryce on her podcast, she replying saying that she’s trying.

Seeing as the two have been cancelled, often for the same thing, it would make an interesting watch for the viewers.

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