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Sacha Baron Cohen Returns As Borat on Jimmy Kimmel

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The very controversial personality Sacha Baron Cohen has returned with his infamous character Borat to vote in these US elections. And he updated us with the latest look along with the I Voted sticker on Instagram. But this look is no surprise because ahead of the elections, he appeared at Jimmy Kimmel Live dressed as Borat for a skit. However, all this is no surprise coming from Sacha Baron Cohen. The man has a taste for controversy and outspokenness which almost always lands him into something messy.

The Infamous Character ‘Borat’ Is Back

In the elections day picture on Instagram, Sacha Baron Cohen replicated the look from this 2006 film titled Borat. He was dressed as the character holding a fake ID card pretending to be a Kazakh journalist. And also, sported an I Voted sticker. He added the caption,

I Voted, Great Success.

But this Borat look was no major surprise. A few days back, Sacha Baron Cohen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live dressed as the same character for a skit. And attempted to tamper with the approaching US midterms. He blamed Russia for the entire collusion scandal in his skit. Then he added that it was up to Kazakhstan to swing the election for President Trump. In the video he then heads to California and attempts to mess with the votes.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat also talked to people about immigration policies and situations. He even add the debate with a person on whether Trump is racist or not. He also explained to the camera that 72% Jewish people vote for the Democrats.

This is not the first time that Sacha Baron Cohen has picked up on Republicans or Trump. In his series Who Is America he continually targeted Republicans. And as for Trump, he has been severely open several times.

But the Borat character is just classic Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t it?

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