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James Charles is rumored to release his own music soon, and he’s receiving backlash for it

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Serious troubles have been brewing for the YouTuber and the troubles never seem to end. James Charles is once again receiving backlash after the rumor that he might be releasing his own music soon. He has been getting a lot of hate for a couple of things for a few months and looks like he’s again trending for all the wrong reasons.

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James worked his way from the bottom and gained popularity because of his amazing makeup looks. He was just a local makeup artist in his hometown but then he started his own YouTube channel. His makeup looks and internet fame led him to become the first male CoverGirl model. That was a big moment for him and his fans but the fame only lasted for some time. The beauty mogul became a target for haters a few months ago when he was accused of s*xting with minors. It was said that James groomed and flirted with minors but he said he had no idea that he was talking to minors.

In his apology video, he took accountability for his actions but also said that he wasn’t aware that he was se*ting with minors. After the allegations, James thought it is best to take a social media break so he went on a hiatus. Only to return a few weeks ago. Fans were mad at him for coming back because of the allegations. Many celebrities also called out James Charles including Trisha Paytas. Trisha even said that James should be in jail because of his past controversies. However, despite these controversies and the loss of sponsors, Charles is still looking forward

James Charles is rumored to release his own music soon

Looks like James is not satisfied with being just a YouTuber star and might want to do something more. Instead of just makeup tutorials, James is now expanding into music and now, rumor is going around that James might release his first solo music this year.


However, in light of his past controversy, people were not really happy to hear this news. A Twitter user said that:

Word on the street is that James Charles is releasing original music soon. Like he needs another way to get involved with A minor.

The underage s*xting scandal was quite severe and hard for critics to forget. Some people also thought that he’s releasing music because people were hyping him too much.

As far as James’s music is concerned, rumor is that Finneas will be producing James’ music and people are not too thrilled about that either. James has not said anything about releasing his music yet but we have a feeling that we might be hearing from him soon.

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