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Logan Paul accepts Candace debate Owens Challenge after viral ‘anti-racist’ videos

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In 2020, Logan Paul‘s clip went viral where he was asking people to be more aware of their treatment of minority groups. Logan said that not being racist isn’t enough and we should be anti-racist. The video is making rounds again and Candance Owens has something to say about it.

Logan Pauls ‘anti-racist’ video is doing rounds on the internet again for all the wrong reasons. Candace Owens, who is an American conservative author and talk show host called out Logan recently because of the video. The video was posted by a Twitter user named Mythininformed MKE. Candace retweeted the video and wrote in the caption:

Logan loves to challenge people in the boxing ring.

She then challenged Logan to go a few rounds with her in a political debate. Candace also added:

@LoganPaul how about you stop by my show and explain to me how you’re *checks notes* more privileged than me because you’re white and I’m not?

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Logan Paul accepts debate challenge from Candace Owens

Logan Paul accepts Candace debate Owens Challange after viral 'anti-racist' videos

Logan did not directly say anything to Candance about the tweet, but he appeared on the ImPaulsive Podcast where he talked about Candace and her challenge. He said that he realized he was trending on Twitter, but then he found out that it was because of an old clip going viral once again. He also said that this was all very confusing to him especially when Candace called him out. Logan was very surprised to find out that he was getting canceled by a white supremacist for not being racist.

Logan revealed that he had a talk with Candace offline. He added that there may be a future where both of them sit down and have a civil discourse. Logan alsi said that he was ‘perplexed, to say the least,’ when Candace called him out publicly.

However, the drama did not end here. Jack Posobie tweeted a clip of the podcast and Candace was once again all ready to attack. But, it wasn’t Logan who was getting attacked this time, it was his friend. She asked people to the name of the guy who was sitting next to Logan in the podcast. Candace was surprised to find out that there was a guy who was disgusted to learn that there’s a black woman who doesn’t see herself as beneath a white man? She wrote in her tweet:

Imagine being this upset to find out that there’s a black person who isn’t oppressed.

Candace said that she is looking forward to having a civil conversation with Logan Paul. Logan did not say anything about Candace’s latest tweet, but we think we will see both of them having a debate pretty soon. What are your thoughts on this debate? Let us know in the comments below.

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