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Tana Mongeau’s new podcast ‘Cancelled’ has a big aim

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The YouTuber turned OnlyF*ns celebrity, Tana Mongeau, has fully embraced her ‘cancelled’ persona. So much so, that she is going to be launching a podcast soon with the same name. And her first guest is none other than the controversial YouTuber, Trisha Paytas. Both these internet personalities have had their fair share of online scandals, controversies and dramas. But the two have made their peace with it and are now capitalizing it for their careers.

Regarding ‘Cancelled’, Tana shared:

“When a lot of people think Tana, they think cancelled. I’ve had people call me out for whatever it is, whether it’s something minuscule like my f—ing tracks showing in my hair extensions or real s— that I need to grow on.”

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The ‘Cancelled’ Podcast wishes to replace the Frenemies podcast

For those of you who didn’t know, Frenemies was a popular podcast hosted by Ethan Klein and his soon to be the wife of his brother-in-law Moses Hacman, Trisha Paytas. Frenemies of the H3 team was one of their most popular podcasts and was the go to for everyone who wanted to get proper news on the influencer scandals. In fact, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein, made the perfect duo to tackle the David Dobrik scandal where multiple cases of sexual assault and misconduct were found in his YouTuber group, the Vlog Squad.

Unfortunately, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas ended up in a messy misunderstanding which led to to the Frenemies breaking up. While their argument became a hot topic on social media as the two kept tweeting and making videos about the end of Frenemies, the two eventually moved on. Ethan ended up making the Frenemies into the ‘Families’ podcast which he now hosts with his mother. Meanwhile, Paytas made her own spin-off podcast called ‘Enemies’. Now, Tana Mongeau wishes to take the place of Frenemies with her ‘Cancelled’ podcast. In doing so, she and her team picked the perfect candidate for their first official guest: Trisha Paytas. Trisha and Tana both have had the same manager, Jordan Worona. And both have been in the limelight for multiple dramas.

Trisha Paytas is delighted to be on the ‘Cancelled’ Podcast

The influencer made a joke that Tana is the only person who would pick them when they are currently ‘cancelled’.

“Tana [is] the only one who wants my #cancelled ass and I love her for it. Thanks for letting me cling to another 15 mins of relevancy on ur pod.”

Tana also added that she thinks she’s very similar to Trisha. And that her best friend Hunter Moreno is similar to Ethan Klein. Hence, she feels like her new podcast would be the same vibe as Frenemies.

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Tana Mongeau and her team are pretty excited for the new podcast

Mongeau shared that she’s always done StoryTime videos on YouTube which included long stories with her getting into all the details. Hence, doing podcasts was something she was really happy about:

“It feels like something I’ve been meant to do for so long so actually doing it is the best feeling ever. I started making YouTube videos that were like an hour long, so talking at length is something I’m not a stranger to. Being called ‘Cancelled’ and just being about embracing the new internet culture and talking s—.”

The podcast is being produced by Tana’s manager, David Weintraub’s company Dwetalent and will be hosted on Paragon Collective. It will be hosted by Tana herself, Hunter Moreno and Brooke Schofield.

Weintraub is confident on the podcast’s success as well saying:

“Tana is a superstar at what she does. But it takes certain amounts of energy from myself as her manager and her assistants to get her to do the jobs that need to be done. But we have a very organized way of doing that. So, she has been very happy and eager to do work.”

It seems like the fans are in for lots of surprises with this new podcast. Plus, with big names coming on as guests such as Nessa Barrett, who wouldn’t be?

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