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People Mocked Taylor Swift When Her Endorsed Candidate Lost

Taylor Swift called out and mocked on social media by Marsha Blackburn supporters as she won against Taylor's endorsed candidate Phil Bredesen loses Tennessee Election

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Taylor Swift is an influences around the world. She has sold millions of albums, earned millions of dollar with successful tours. The pop star raised her voice against streaming services and Called out some other influential people. So, when you hear that she might be trying to motivate her fans to vote. Of course, in her hometown Tennessee, she should be successful. Shouldn’t she?

Taylor Swift Election Endorsement

Taylor has raised her voice over the years for a lot of issues. Obviously, we’re referring to when she finally broke her non-political stance. She openly proclaimed her preferred candidate for the midterm election. She endorsed US Senate candidate and former Gov. Phil Bredesen on October 7th. The singer called him the best man for the job. Taylor also endorsed US House of Representatives candidate Jim Cooper. Both candidates were running for respective offices in her home state of Tennessee.

The pop star encouraged her fans to go vote. She wrote in a statement

“So many intelligent, thoughtful, self-possessed people have turned 18 in the past two years and now have the right and privilege to make their vote count.”

Consequently, even Phil Bredesen got hopeful after Taylor’s endorsement.

She offered to post pictures of her fans who voted in her Instagram stories. Even Phil Bredesen participated. He posted a picture on his Twitter feed after he had voted,

As a testament to her own commitment, she posted a picture on Instagram. She posed with her her mom after they had voted.

Taylor Disses Marsha Blackburn

While she was endorsing Bredesen, Taylor went ahead to diss his opponent Marsha Blackburn. Blackburn is eight-term member of Congress who had linked herself closely to Trumpism. She was running a campaign that relied heavily on anti-immigrant and anti-Obamacare rhetoric. Taylor clearly wrote in her Instagram post that;

“I cannot support Marsha Blackburn. Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me.”

Taylor Swift’s Candidate Lost

It all came down to the Election Day. Accordingly, there was an increase in the nationwide voter registration. Though, no one can associate it directly to Taylor’s endorsement. It seems that Taylor’s endorsement may have enraged Conservative voters. Enraged enough to get them to go out and vote. When the results came out, Blackburn won. She won the Senate election by 55 percent votes in her favor. Bredesen lost with 44 percent votes.

Open Mocking Season By Republicans on Taylor Swift

There is a thing called a ‘sore loser’. We found out that there are ‘sore winners’ as well. Blackburn won and Taylor became a mocking target for the Conservative supporters. Precisely, we’re referring to some big names such as, Laura Ingraham, Joe Walsh, and Candace Owen. They and other conservatives called out Taylor Swift in their tweets to mock her.

In addition, one calculating voter seemed dismayed that Taylor’s endorsement did not yield a closer competition between Blackburn and Bredesen.

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