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Keemstar Supports Trump and Attacks Democrats

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The popular YouTuber Keemstar who boasts over 4 million subscribers on his shows just got really political. And while expressing his political stance on Twitter, he has made it clear that he supports President Trump. In fact, he even announced the political parties he previously voted for. His tweets in which he attacks democrats are proof he doesn’t like them even a bit. But with a series of recent tweets supporting Trump, Keemstar has received some harsh reactions from the public. And in fact, a lot many of his followers expressed the desire to unfollow him.

Keemstar Shares His Political Stance

In a series of recent tweets, Keemstar expressed his undeniable support for President Trump. He began with revealing who he voted for in the past elections. Firstly, it was Obama in 2008, Ron Paul in 2012 and President Trump in 2016. He added that he still believes that they were the best candidates at that time. And that Trump is doing a great job. But he did not just stop there. He continued to mock Democrats and their supporters on Twitter.

He claimed that CNN was the reason that democrats did not win. And that they fake a story just to make Trump look bad. He added that SNL and other late night shows are trying so hard to go after Trump that’s its apparent that the main purpose is to create a political agenda. Now that the public has started to see media as dishonest and that’s why they vote for republicans now.

Later, after the results of the US midterms were announced, Keemstar was spotted again on Twitter as he was attacking democrats. In another post, he said that democrats lost again and the reason was their fake outrage against Trump.

Keemstar has always been a much controversial figure. He is known for his many feuds with other YouTubers. These latest tweets earned him some disgust from the public- a lot of many of them even said they would unfollow him. Let’s see now!

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